When the iPhone users upgrade their old devices to the latest ones, like the iPhone X, moving the data on old iPhone to the new one would be the essential process; or when you share some vital, or interesting data with another iPhone user, like photos, songs, etc. it is also about how to transfer iPhone to iPhone; Truly, maybe you have more situations related to iPhone to iPhone data transferring. But how exactly to make the job done?

Traditionally, Apple provides iPhone users with iTunes and iCloud to help users with this issue. With iTunes, you need to backup one iPhone, and then restore the other iPhone from the backup. But you must know that iTunes cannot backup all iPhone data types, like the music, pictures, and more; besides, iTunes restoring is a process of data cloning, which means it will replace your old iPhone content with the backup files. So if there is some vital data on your iPhone, but not included in the backup files, we strongly recommend you not applying this way, for your data security.

But iCloud seems much more user-friendly than iTunes. Because you can sync data from one iPhone to your iCloud account, and then login in the same iCloud ID on the other iPhone. iCloud will automatically start the job of transferring iPhone to iPhone. But also it does not include all data types, like the big one, messages. Besides, if your data amount exceeds 5GB, you need to think about upgrading your account.

Obviously, iTunes and iCloud are not the best ways to transfer iPhone to iPhone, because of their shortcomings that we have mentioned above, or more that you may have experienced during its using. But is there some way, a perfect one, for iPhone to iPhone data transferring mission, to get rid of such shortcomings? Don’t worry, in this guide, we have collected the full list of solutions to transferring iPhone to iPhone, for each kind of iOS data types.

Transfer iPhone to iPhone: Contacts

Since iTunes backup restoring will erase the existed data on iPhone, iCloud syncing seems the best way to doing this job of iPhone to iPhone contacts transferring. But you need firstly to know that iCloud syncing will not enable you to select the exact contact items to sync to iCloud, but all items. If you would like to move juts some vital contacts, or un-duplicated ones, it is not suitable for you; besides, according to user’s feedback, there some errors during iCloud syncing, like not all contacts syncing to the other iPhone, or some contacts disappearing.

So to avoid such troubles, we sincerely recommend you follow this guide for iPhone to iPhone contacts transferring job: How to Transfer Contacts from Old iPhone to New iPhone X/8/7/6s/6 >

Transfer iPhone to iPhone: Messages

Since iCloud syncing does not support message, iTunes and iCloud restoring seem the only way to transfer iPhone messages to iPhone. But both iTunes restoring and iCloud restoring will erase the existed data on iPhone. To transfer messages, but abandoning the other data? Not a good idea. So to make it much easier and less annoying, here is the practical solution: How to Transfer Text Messages/iMessages from iPhone to New iPhone X/7/8 (Plus) >

Transfer iPhone to iPhone: Photos

Neither iTunes nor iCloud supports backing up pictures on iPhone, so you cannot rely on restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup to transfer photos from one iPhone to another iPhone. Luckily, iCloud can sync pictures between iPhone devices. But if you have hundreds or thousands of pictures to sync, it seems that you need to upgrade your iCloud account firstly, since the free storage is just 5GB; Besides, during syncing, you will not be enabled to preview the items, and you have no choice to decide what items to sync to the other iPhone.

So considering such things, a much easier and more clever way is worth recommending:

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone >

Transfer iPhone to iPhone: Music

Probably the purchased songs can be moved. You you can just log in your Apple ID and download the songs to your iPhone, because Apple ID will remember your purchased history. But what about the non-purchased items, or ones getting from other resources? It seems that both iTunes and iCloud have no way to complete this job. But it does not mean that there is no way out for this job. Follow this guide, and you will see the songs on the iPhone in minutes: How to Transfer Songs from iPhone to iPhone Directly >

Transfer iPhone to iPhone: Apps

Sicne both iTunes and iCloud will remember the purchased apps, you just login the same account and you can find the apps. But neither of them supports app data transferring. But if both of your iPhone devices are running on iOS 8.2 or earlier, you can follow this guide to transfer apps and app data: How to Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone >

Transfer iPhone to iPhone: Ringtone

Customized ringtone will always make your iPhone the center of the world. So your friends probably ask you to transfer them, and follow the fashion, right? But since iTunes 12.7 releasing, the ringtone tab is gone. So how to transfer iPhone ringtone to iPhone becomes difficult to complete, unless with the following tip: How to Send Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone >

How to Send Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone >

Transfer iPhone to iPhone: All Data

If your plan is moving all data saved on one iPhone to the other one, you have to do many operations to finish this job with iTunes and iCloud, and probably will encounter many problems. But with the following tip, you can just migrate all iPhone data to another in one time: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud/iTunes >

Transfer iPhone to iPad

Certainly, guess not all users come to this page for transferring iPhone to iPhone, and some of you probably are looking for the way to transfer iPhone to iPad. Don’t worry, because this topic is also contained:

The Bottom Line

Even though transferring iPhone to iPhone is a huge topic, and contains various things and issues that you need to do and encounter, after reading this guide, it will not any more. Just do as this guide, and you will find that it has never been such easy.

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