Transfer Paper Toss Game Data between iPhone & iPad


Paper Toss is a hit game in iTunes store. If you just upgraded your iPhone or want to play Paper Toss on a different iOS device, this article will show you a solution.


July 05, 2012


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AppTrans - Made for Moving Apps among iPhone & iPad (for PC | Mac)

AppTrans - The First iPhone App Transfer

Download this award-winning application so that you can make use of it after reading this Transfer Paper Toss game data between iPhone & iPad guide.

Transfer Paper Toss Game Data

When playing Paper Toss, your aim is to flick a piece of paper into a bin. To make the game more challenging, there is a fan running in the space, thus the wind direction and speed are displayed, as they need to be accounted for when flicking the piece of paper.

Like its predecessor, Paper Toss 2.0 that released on December 8, 2011, follows the same objective. The newer version includes new locations, diverse objects to toss and special features.

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The Tool You'll Need

As neither of iTunes or iCloud backs up the apps with game saves, so you'll need an iPhone App Transfer program like AppTrans, which can directly copy your Paper Toss among multiple iOS devices keeping the app data, game progress, stars and records. Start Taking A Tour (for PC & Mac) >

How to Transfer Paper Toss between iPhone iPad

Step 1: Open AppTrans and connect your devices to the computer. This small app (for PC and Mac) is really easy to use.

How to Transfer Paper Toss Progress between iPhone iPad 1

Step 2: Choose Transfer entire App program and data option.

How to Transfer Paper Toss Progress between iPhone iPad 2

Step 3: Choose Paper Toss app in left list window and click "Transfer Select App to Right". After the transfer is done, you are empowered to play the game on any of your devices with the same game data. Even your three-star games will be saved. It's also a way to create a solid backup for the game.

How to Transfer Paper Toss Progress between iPhone iPad 3

Note: if the Paper Toss app on your source device uses different Apple ID with the target device, you need to verify the account by entering your Apple ID.

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