Transfer Unblock Me Free Levels between iPhone & iPad


Playing Unblock Me Free on an iPhone and want to play the same level on other iDevices? Read on this article to find out how to transfer Unblock Me Free between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


July 04, 2012


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AppTrans - Made for Moving Apps among iPhone & iPad (for PC | Mac)

AppTrans - The First iPhone App Transfer

Download this award-winning application so that you can make use of it after reading this Transfer Unblock Me Free Levels between iPhone & iPad guide.

Transfer Unblock Me Free Levels

Unblock Me™ FREE is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to get the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. Unblock Me™ FREE comes with 4 difficult levels ranging from Beginner to Expert. There are 4200 puzzles in total, worth hundred hours of playing to keep you challenged.

If you are a big fan of Unblock Me™ FREE, do you want to continue the Unblock Me™ FREE progress across all your iOS devices? Read on this tutorial to find a solution with easily.

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Unblock Me Free App Review

"Wow, I never knew this game would be so much fun! I found it on my kid's iPod touch. Getting this game for the iPad now! The game has multiple levels of difficulties. I'm up to 130 games and can't put it down. They have a challenge mode where you play based on the number of moves or the relax mode where you can just use how many moves to get the red block out of there!"

The Tool You'll Need

As neither of iTunes or iCloud backs up the apps with game saves, so you'll need an iPhone App Transfer program like AppTrans, which can directly copy and move your app among multiple iOS devices keeping the app data, game progress, stars and records. Start Taking A Tour (for PC & Mac) >

How to Transfer Unblock Me Free between iPhone iPad

Step 1: Open AppTrans and connect your devices to the computer. You'll find there is no secret in using this software.

How to Transfer Unblock Me Free Progress between iPhone iPad 1

Step 2: Choose Transfer entire App program and data option.

How to Transfer Unblock Me Free Progress between iPhone iPad 2

Step 3: Choose Unblock Me Free app in left list window and click "Transfer Select App to Right". After the transfer is done, you are empowered to play the game on any of your devices with the same level. Even your three-star games will be saved. It's also a way to create a solid backup for the game.

How to Transfer Unblock Me Free Progress between iPhone iPad 3

Note: if the Unblock Me Free app on your source device uses different Apple ID with the target device, you need to verify the account by entering your Apple ID.

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