Error Fix: iPhone Unable to Download Item in iOS 10.1/10.2/10.3


Have you ever gotten into the trouble - iPhone unable to download item in iOS 10, and still have nothing to do with it? Read this tip to solve the problem fast.

Mar. 23, 2017


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[Last Updated: July 3, 2017]

iPhone Unable to Download Item

iPhone Unable to Download Item

I am passionate about iOS, because it is customer friendly and secure. So I always get new iOS updates at first time, and check its new capabilities. However, iOS sometimes has some bugs, too. For example, after my iPhone updated to iOS 10, there once came a message saying unable to download item please try again later, and leaving two options "Done" and "Retry". I bet that I am not the only lucky one. Many iOS users must have gotten into this trouble, too. And if we tap "Done" or "Retry", it would reappear again and again.

Often this message appears due to background activity, when iPhone keeps itself updating iTunes Match, iBooks, or iOS Automatically. But the message is said to still appear even when you have turned off all these background operations. The main reason said about this message is that it is a bug that can be get rid of in the upcoming versions, hopefully. However, before this bug gets fixed in the future iOS version, what can we do with it now?

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How to Fix iPhone Unable to Download Item

If iPhone, or iPad shows Unable to Download Item in iOS 10 when you are downloading something, you need check your network setting and tap Retry. However, many times, we encounter this problem when we do not download anything, or even do nothing.

When we just randomly use iOS device and the unable to download item message appears, if we tap "Done" or "Retry", the message appears again and again, and never go. What on earth can we do to deal with this unable to download item issue? In fact if you encounter this “Unable to Download Item, Please Try Again Later” issue, try the following 3 simple steps to fix it.

1. Swipe up from the bottom of your device screen to open the control center > Press the Airplane Mode to enable it.

2. After enable the Airplane Mode, tap the "Done" option of the message. The message would not appear again.

How to Fix Unable to Download Item on iPhone/iPad - Step 2

How to Fix Unable to Download Item on iPhone/iPad - Step 2

3. Wait for a while, about 20 seconds, and disable Airplane Mode. And then you get the problem ”iPhone unable to download item” solved.

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Bonus Tip: How to Download Online Videos to iOS Device

When we would like to download our favorite videos on iOS device, there seems only one way we can do - go to the Store. And if we want to download favorite videos on video websites, there is nothing we can do with it. However, these are not true. We can download our favorite videos on video websites with some downloading tools. In this post, we share a powerful video downloader to you - AnyTrans.

AnyTrans firstly is an iOS data manager for PC/Mac. But with its new function of video downloading, we can download any videos from 900+ websites, including YouTube, Vine, Break, BBC, etc.

How to Download Online Videos to iOS Device with AnyTrans

Step 1. Download AnyTrans, if you don't have it on your computer (PC/Mac) > Connect your iOS device to computer (PC/Mac).

Step 2. Run AnyTrans, and do as showing below to get your videos downloaded on iOS device.

How to Download Online Videos for iOS Device with AnyTrans

How to Download Online Videos for iOS Device with AnyTrans

The Bottom Line

If you are suffering from iPhone Unable to Download item in iOS 10 problem, or meet it once again, you can do as the steps to fix it easily and fast. Also if you would like to download some videos on iOS device from some websites, you can get help from AnyTrans. Free trial for AnyTrans now.

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