What to Do Before Selling MacBook Air/Pro


This post tells you what you should do before selling or giving away your MacBook to avoid your data loss and protect your privacy info from leaks.

Mar. 29, 2016


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You may have got a 2016 brand-new laptop and now is going to sell your old MacBook or give it away to somebody. Wait! Before you do this, read some tips below to save your important data on your device and protect your private info.

Step 1. Save and Backup Your Important Data on MacBook

You may have downloaded so many data on your Mac, including interesting pictures, funny videos, important documents, or some awesome apps. Therefore, before you selling or giving away your device, it is necessary for you to save and backup these valuable data to another place.

If you just want to backup some media files or documents, such as music, videos and photos, you can easily transfer them to USB drive or mobile devices. If you plan to backup all of files to external hard drive, you may need some professional tool to help, such as Time Machine.

Step 2. Protect Privacy Info - Sign Out of Accounts on Mac

You may have logged in so many apps on your Mac and the apps recorded your viewing history and login info. So before selling your device, make sure you sign out of these apps and completely erase caches, cookies and history.

Sign out iTunes, iCloud and iMessages

  • iTunes: Open iTunes app on Mac, on the menu bar, go to Store > Deauthorize This Computer
  • iCloud: Apple Menu > System Preferences > iCloud , Sign out iCloud and close Find My Mac.
  • iMessage: Open iMessage app, go to Preferences > Accounts, and log out of your iMessage.

Step 3. Protect Privacy Info - Clean Browser Caches, Cookies and History

Browser apps record your webpage viewing histories, login information, and downloading history. So before selling your Mac, make sure to clear these types of privacy caches. To clean browser privacy info, just open the browser and find the related item on menu bar to clean it. Take Google Chrome for example, you can go to menu bar > Chrome > Clear Browsing Data and select caches to remove this kind of personal information.

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Step 4. Protect Privacy Info - Erase All Content on Mac

A completely erasing could always delete all of your privacy info on your Mac. And at the same time, it may also accidentally remove some files you care about. So, before you erase your device, be sure to create a backup.

To erase all data on your Mac hard disk, you can reinstall OS X on your Mac. There is one basic tutorial about how to erase Mac hard drive and reinstall OS X.

The Bottom Line

The above tips are only some basic ones that you can use before selling your Mac computer. You may have your own opinion, be free to post it on the comment section and share it with us.

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