What to Do If You Can Not Restore Android From Google Backup

What to you if you can’t restore Android from Google backup. Don’t panic! In this tutorial, we will tell you what happens to your Google backup and how to deal with it.

By iMobie | Posted: May. 31, 2018, Last Updated: May. 31, 2018
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You can back up the data on your Android phone with three Google services, including Google Photos, Google Drive, and Google Account. However, the restoring from Google is not as easy as the backing up process. Various problems you may encounter during the process of restoring. Here we will tell you the possible difficulties you may meet and how to address those problems.

What to Do If You Can Not Restore Android From Google Backup

Below, we will give you some tips to fix the problems you may meet while restoring, according to Google backup service you choose. And you can click any item to know more.

Part 1. What to Do if You Can Not Restore Photos From Google Photos App

The reasons why you can’t restore your photos from Google Photos might be the followings: Weak internet connection, crashed Google Photos App, photos missing, no photos in Google App. To solve these problems, you can:

Solution 1. Check Your Internet Connection

Step 1 Make sure that you have signed into your Google account.

Step 2 Tap assistant on the bottom and see the first card.

Step 3 If the card says: “waiting for connection” or “waiting for Wi-Fi”. It means there’s no network connection or a weak connection. You should tap the card to connect to a strong Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Solution 2. Uninstall and Reinstall Google Photos App

Step 1 Open Settings >  App > Photos.

Step 2 Tap three dots icon on the top right corner and choose Uninstall updates.

Uninstall and Reinstall Google Photos App

Step 3 Download and install the latest update of the app

Solution 3. Restore Photos From the Trash

Step 1 Open Google Photos App on your Android phone.

Step 2Tap menu icon (the three bars one) > Choose Trash and search for the photos/videos that you want to restore.

Step 3 Touch the deleted photos/videos and click restore icon to restore them.

Restore Photos From the Trash

Solution 4. Restore Photos From Android Phone Directly

If you couldn’t find the deleted photos on the Trash, it is probably because you have deleted them permanently or the photos have expired (when you delete photos from Google Photos, they will be saved for 60 days).

If the photos are not in the trash and they are deleted within 60 days, it is possible that these photos are not backed up to Google Photos. Photos on the device that are not backed up will still show in Google Photo App. Under this circumstance, you should try to restore the photos from your phone directly

Part 2. What to Do if You Can Not Restore Android Data From Google Drive

Most of you often backup your apps, settings and calling history to Google Drive. However, Google Drive doesn’t always go very well. Some problems like weak network connection, wrong Google account, crashed Google Drive, etc may stop you from restoring data to your device. To solve these problems, here we will provide you with some solutions.

Solution 1. Weak Network Connection

It is possible that the network connection on your Android is weak, so you can’t make a successful recovery. To solve this problem, you should make sure the network connection on your Android is strong. Then go to check if you have set to back up with Wi-Fi. Just go to open your Drive on Android > Settings > Check if Transfer files only over Wi-Fi is on.

Weak Network Connection

Solution 2. Re-add Your Google Account

You can go to re-add your Google account or change your account to have a try. Open Settings on your device > Choose Accounts > Tap Google >  Tap the three dots icon at the top right corner > Remove account. And then re-add your current account again or change your Google account and have a try if it works.

Re-add Your Google Account

Solution 3. Clear Google Drive Cache & Data

Generally speaking, a large amount of caches and data on your Google Drive will make your program under-performing. So you can go to open your Google Drive > Settings > tap Clear Cache to clear your caches and data. After clearing, you can restart your Android phone and see if you can restore your phone from Google Drive.

Clear Google Drive Cache& Data

Solution 4. Uninstall and Reinstall Your Google Drive

You can try to uninstall your Google Drive and reinstall it on your phone to see if you can restore your Android from Google Drive.

Part 3. What to Do if You Can Not Restore Android App and Settings From Google

If you can not restore your App and Settings from Google, it is possible that you have logged in a wrong Google account, so you can try to change your Google account. If you’re sure that there’s no problem with your account, you can try to restart your phone and re-open your Settings to have a try. If both of two methods can not help you restore, you have to ask the Google Support for help.

The Bottom Line

Through this tutorial, you must have known the reasons why you can’t restore from Google backup and how to handle such problems. If you still can’t restore with above solutions, you can try some data recovery tools, such as PhoneRescue for Android. Hope this tutorial helps you a lot.


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