There is no doubt that Apple is one of greatest companies and it does bring us many amazing products, software and services, and most of us are enjoying the convenience and joy brought by Apple. However, when Apple is getting closer to the leading multinational technology enterprise, it is hard to take care of all sides, some different voices started flowing to Apple.In this survey, we are aim to find out what’s the biggest headache of Apple users when using iPhone iPad and offer you potential solutions, please leave your valuable VOTE here.

Meet some tough Apple’s Customer Service problems, like:

  • Can’t solve problem after passing several people
  • Charge high repair fees
  • Check normally used iDevice as water damaged
  • Rigid policy makes harder to get problems solved

New iOS updates always come with new problems, like:

  • Huge upgrade package causes disaster to 8/16GB users
  • Battery drains faster, old iDevices become slower, problems with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Cellular
  • New update brings new default Apps that waste limited storage space
  • Hard to downgrade to old iOS version after upgrade

Various types of problems pop up when using iDevice, like:

  • Software problems: red/blue screen, white apple logo, random reboot
  • Hardware problems: iPhone or iPad overheating, bent iPhone 6/6 Plus, iDevice won’t charge
  • Other problems like iOS data lost for no reason

Meet problems when using iTunes/iTunes store, like:

  • iTunes sync is user UN-friendly
  • iTunes Store charge is unreasonable/improper
  • Payment info needed when firstly using iTunes store
  • iTunes customer support needs to be improved

Meet problems when using Apple iCloud service, like:

  • iCloud free storage is not enough
  • iCloud service is not safe
  • Slow speed to back up/restore iDevice
  • Can’t preview iCloud backup content


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