Bring Your iPhone Lost Data Back
as Often as You Want, No Matter
How the Situation Turns Out

  • Focuses on analyzing and recovering the most important 22 types of iOS content
  • Retrieves all your valued information via 3 safe and reliable ways
  • Extracts photos and voicemails from iTunes backup, even it's an encrypted one
  • Saves messages and call history to HTML format or simply copies them to the clipboard
  • Exports music, movies and books to the computer even when you cannot access your iPhone

Download PhoneRescue 100% Clean | Version 2.0.2 | Size: 3.82 MB
Runs on all Windows and Mac platforms

Three recovery modes have your back, for any
situation you may meet

Mistaken deletion of your saved photos, text messages, call log or other vital info on your iPhone could be a disaster in your life. This is the very reason we introduced our PhoneRescue, with the promise of getting all your lost-but-valued media or text data back in your hands. Thanks to the Recover-from-Device mode, PhoneRescue could always find a safe and reliable way to retrieve the most important data and files right from your device, no matter what iOS device you are on.

PhoneRescue also gives a hand even when you're in tough and despairing situations. For example, your device was badly damaged or failed to be recognized by your computer, or even worse got stolen, the Recover-from-iTunes-Backup mode will help you out. Everything happens here is without the necessity of connecting your device to the computer. Besides, the deleted content on Camera Roll, Photo Stream and Voicemails that you thought lost permanently can also be recovered from iTunes backup, even it's an encrypted one.

What if you neither have a workable Apple device nor an available iTunes backup? Now let PhoneRescue make wonders for you with the help of its Recover-from-iCloud-Backup mode. With a quick exploring for the saved data on iCloud, PhoneRescue could download previous backup from iCloud and restore your desired content in few clicks.

An iPhone Data Recovery Tool with 3 Recovery Modes
Retreive Personal Info on an iPhone

For anything you cannot
live without, PhoneRescue
gets it back to you

Built in with the up-to-the-minutes data recovery technologies, PhoneRescue is fully capable of retrieving SMS, iMessages, MMS, and call history which may contain info that really counts much. Let's say when you'd like to look up some mistakenly deleted chat history, PhoneRescue makes it a snap to restore those text messages including the attached pictures & videos. And the beautiful preview window allows you to read your conversation in threads before recovery. Want to find out when and whom you've contacted after clearing your call log? Barely nothing you have to do. PhoneRescue finds your erased call history and displays it all in detail.

There're more cases PhoneRescue could help you out of trouble. E.g. you can restore lost contacts, note, calendar, reminders and Safari bookmarks as well.

In order to bring the most efficient iOS data recovery solution, PhoneRescue makes it possible to directly copy the scanned text to clipboard. Beyond that, it supports exporting different files with various file formats. No matter exporting messages to text or html, contacts to csv, vcf or vcard, or call history to text or html. By doing so, you can freely select the best corresponding format as needed.

Recover Photos, Music on iPhone

Revive your memories by retrieving your lost photos, music and more

The Photos app on your iPhone isn't just a collection of pictures. It's a collection of memories. We believe your photos and videos of the happy moments should be carefully treasured. Now PhoneRescue stands out as your savior to find back your lost memories by retrieving the lost photos and videos from Camera Roll, Photo Library and Photo Stream. It lets you preview the scanned photos in thumbnails and restore the selected photos, well keeping the original quality.

For the recovery of other common media files besides photos and videos, you can rely on PhoneRescue, too. It's the first time you're ever able to recover music, playlist, audio, audio book, voice memo, voicemail, iBook, ringtone, etc., with the help of PhoneRescue.

Everything counts on your iPhone is worth a
solution of recovery

Taking the challenge of fulfilling your higher recovery needs, PhoneRescue made a great breakthrough in app data recovery. Even if you lost the associated data of your favorite apps after iOS upgrade failure, iOS jailbreak, restoring to factory setting or other unexpected accidents, PhoneRescue retrieves the lost app data effectively.

Likewise, if the above mentioned situations happened to you, even the App Photos, App Video and other useful App Documents in third-party apps on your device could be safely rescued. Simply with a few clicks, PhoneRescue gets them back to you. To ensure PhoneRescue would better meet your needs of app data recovery, we always keep eyes on the upcoming iOS apps. And more great iOS data recovery features will be added to the following version of PhoneRescue.

Recover Photos, Files from iPhone Third Party Apps
Best iPhone Data Recovery Software Ever

Uniquely designed features that bring you the utmost convenience

Selectively scan before recovery for higher efficiency - Unlike other data recovery tools, PhoneRescue lets you selectively scan the files before you click the Recover button. It's a great feature to save your time and efforts.

Find back iOS files in various tough situations - With the most advanced built-in technologies, PhoneRescue is a comprehensive recovery solution for your lost data due to device lost/damage/crash/stuck, misoperation on iPhone, iOS update failure, iOS jailbreak, factory settings restoring.

Multiple recovery paths available for different demands - Given that you may need to export recovered files to different locations as needed, so far PhoneRescue supports recovery to computer. And the restorations to iTunes and iOS devices are coming soon in the next version of PhoneRescue.

User-friendly interface makes it simple and easy to use - In order to give you a great user experience, PhoneRescue was designed with a friendly interface, a concise task preview window and humanized step-by-step user guide. You will find it's very easy and pleasant to interact with such an intelligent recovery tool.

Top Features

Retrieve Personal Info

Retrieve your valuable communication Info like contact, call history, messages, voicemail, etc.

Find and Save Calendar, Reminder and Notes as Various Formats

Find your lost calendar, reminder, notes and save the info as variety of text formats you need

Get Back Safari Bookmarks and History

Get back your safari bookmark, safari history to facilitate you browsing the web on other place

Maximum Recovery on Photos

Maximum recovery on your valued photos that lost in camera roll, photo stream, photo library

Regain Music, Videos, Ringtones, and Playlists

Regain your music, videos, ringtones, and playlists right from your iPhone back to computer

Get Back iBooks and Audio Books

Get back iBooks, audio book so that you can save them on computer or continue reading

Save Third Party Apps' Contents

Save your settings, preferences, personal data, document and other types content in third party apps

Recover Multimedia Files from Third Party Apps

Recover your photos, audio, videos and other multimedia files from your third party apps

1:1 Clone iOS Apps to Computer

1:1 clone your apps from your iOS devices to computer as backup (coming soon)

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Your PhoneRescue is really my life-saver because it's so far the best tool that help me retrieve my mistakenly deleted iPhone photos. Tons of thanks, dear iMobie team!

- JK Smith

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