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  • PhoneRescue allows you to sift through your files and select only the ones you need, resulting in less time and storage space wasted in the recovery process.

    - TopTenReviews Team

    PhoneRescue could be useful whenever you accidentally delete data on the iPhone or other iOS devices, especially photos, which appears to be a problem for certain iOS users.

    - Chris Smith

    It can retrieve just about everything, including lost and deleted data from your device, and also data directly from apps and iTunes and iCloud backups.

    - 9to5Mac Team

    PhoneRescue was designed to rescue much more than your deleted texts. It can safely recover just about anything, like your deleted photos and videos (which appear to be a problem for certain iOS users), call history, contacts, notes, app data and more.

    - iDownloadBlog Team

    PhoneRescue could be a very useful tool for any iOS device user... if you're looking for a data recovery tool for your device, this may be worth a look.

    - Jonny Evans

    This iOS data recovery process works for all kinds of files, not just texts. So if you’ve lost photos, contacts, notes, voice memos and so on, you can get them back just as easily.

    - Cult of Mac Team

    Phone Rescue will allow you to recover a number of files, including messages. What sets this program apart, however, is that it allows you to recover data from your iCloud account, in addition to your iTunes and device backups.

    - Carlos Vega

    PhoneRescue retrieves up to 29 types of mis-deleted, damaged or lost iOS data, and even helps you get back the most important files directly to iPhone / iPad for instant use, including messages, contacts, notes, etc.

    - Kevin William David

    PhoneRescue gives you methods in an effort to restore your iPhone messages, contacts and more. Indeed, it's possible you can do so without having recourse to anything more difficult than restoring from backup.

    PhoneRescue is unbelievably useful whenever you lost your iPhone data accidentally. It is also applicable to recover lost data on iPad and iPod. In addition, it is readily acquired and applied by users with its intuitive and straightforward interface.

    PhoneRescue proves to be a trustworthy solution for restoring personal and media data from your iPhone device.

    - Tom Cooper
  • PhoneRescue has all the features which makes it the perfect data recovering solution for your iPhone.

    - Saurabh Saha

    PhoneRescue allows you to have a complete freedom to recover all the data, even when it seems to have been lost.

    - Mooseek

    iMobie PhoneRescue is simple to use, you won't find too many options. Just what you need, oh, and Look and feel is great.

    - Erik Blum

    PhoneRescue can be your life-saver because it's simply the easiest tool for retrieving "mistakenly" deleted iPhone photos.

    - Dennis

    User-friendly interface and step by step guide are an awesome feature of iMobie PhoneRescue. It is an intelligent recovery tool.

    - Vinay Prajapati

    С помощью PhoneRescue 3 можно восстановить контакты, сообщения, фотографии, видеоролики и другую информацию, удаленную по ошибке или потерянную в результате повреждения устройства.

    Available for the PC or OS X platform, PhoneRescue promises to recover lost messages, videos, photos and other files from your mobile device.

    - Paul Mah

    PhoneRescue 3 is safe, and it does work to recover many types of files deleted or lost from an iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It's a great piece of software, and I like it.

    - JP Zhang

    The best feature has to be the new iOS-repair mode that can revive your iPhone from a crash. This feature sets PhoneRescue apart from any other data recovering application out on the web.

    Haider Ali Khan

    PhoneRescue is the swiss army knife for repairing your phone or recovering of your lost data. It looks great with a clean interface and does what it claims to do.

    PhoneRescue is a must have program on every computer to be safe from accidental data loss on mobile devices. It helps recover deleted files from your iPhone, iPad or Android mobiles devices and Tablets in a most amazing way.

    - iMangoss
  • If you have birthday messages from someone that you accidentally delete, PhoneRescue can recover it for you. If you have accidentally deleted an access link, password or other secret details from someone, the program itself will do all the work to recover everything for you.

    Whether you have mistakenly erased or unintentionally lost your most important files from your iOS device, PhoneRescue will always stand for you to quickly get back your most important photos, videos, and other files.

    Una delle soluzioni più interessanti e funzionali, se l’iPhone o lo smartphone Android smette di funzionare, è PhoneRescue: un programma per recuperare dati da iPhone e dispositivi Android dotato di un’interfaccia utente molto moderna e di facile comprensione, con decine e decine di funzioni utili per l’utente ed un potente motore in grado di analizzare e recuperare dati dagli smartphone.

    Jader Liberatore

    But, what if you do not have a back up running on your iPhone? What if as a result of limited storage, your iPhone couldn't be backed up and now, you are stuck with being unable to recover those deleted messages? Guess what? There's hope! Or, should I say, there's light at the end of the tool.

    - Samuel Adeniyi

    PhoneRescue is a nice data recovery for iOS devices and are able to retrieve almost every type of files such as Photos, videos, text messages, contacts etc.

    - Mukhtar Jafari

    PhoneRescue is a program that is able to recover dozens of types of files from your Android or iOS device. These include all the common ones like photo extensions (.jpg, .png), but also stuff like contacts or your messages.

    - Ivan

    PhoneRescue functions at its best to retrieve your data in an unparalleled manner. It allows you to recover data under any condition, making it one of the finest in data recovery with high success rate.

    - Adity Bera

    To solve these problems, we recommend you to use a comprehensive and powerful iPhone data recovery – PhoneRescue for iOS, which can help you selectively restore contacts from iTunes or iCloud backup, without erasing. Even without any backup, it can also help you recover deleted contacts from the iOS device directly.

    - Webmaster

    PhoneRescue is the ONLY data recovery tool that retrieves all cherished iOS data with the highest success rate in the world. Till now, it has successfully helped 5,700,000+ iOS users get back their lost data in various scenarios.

    - Achin

    One of the best, secure, and convenient ways for you to recover the deleted files on your iPhone is to use the PhoneRescue app. It is an app that has been built solely to help users like you to recover your lost data on your iOS based devices.

    - Sneha Kapale

    PhoneRescue for iOS is an application that has been built specifically to help iOS users like you to recover lost data including photos and messages on your iPhones and iPads. The app goes deep inside the core files of your device and lets you restore all the files that you had lost due to a data loss event on your device. It is a professional data recovery app that provides you an effortless way to recover the lost data on your devices.

    - Ravi Bhatt

    Enter PhoneRescue for iOS, an app that allows you to retrieve deleted text messages without a backup on your iPhone. The great thing about the app is it does not require you to even delete a single file to be able to restore your messages. What’s more, it also lets you restore your messages selectively so you do not have to restore all the messages on your device.

    - Pankaj Kheriwal
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Can it recover my photos? i didn't have backup for iPhone before. Please let me know. Thanks.

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