The Cutting-edge Technologies in AnyFix

AnyFix adopts diverse state-of-the-art technologies throughout the repair process to ensure it can fix various issues successfully, including iOS/iPadOS/tvOS systems issues, iTunes errors, iOS upgrade/downgrade problems, Recovery mode issues, etc. It is these advanced techniques that elevate AnyFix to a high-performance level to provide you with the most high-success-rate, high-efficiency, secure, and easiest system recovery solution.

ForceRepair Ensures The Max Repair Success Rate

In virtue of the enhanced IPSW force restore with Apple DFU mode, ForceRepair enables AnyFix to evaluate and restore the device system more deeply. It will automatically match and encode the required IPSW files in consonance with Apple device chips and system versions. More competently, ForceRepair will intelligently bypass the iBoot of Apple devices, which makes it possible to use the programmed IPSW file to analyze the device data and deeply repair the device with the highest success rate, even when the phone won’t restart or cannot enter Recovery mode.

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SmartScan Guarantees The Most Complete & Accurate iTunes Repair

SmartScan helps AnyFix simultaneously scan as many places as possible in multiple threads to discover more potential iTunes errors, such as iTunes components, device components, services, binary files, and system files, which ensures the most complete scan you have ever made. To repair iTunes errors with high efficiency, SmartScan brilliantly analyzes cloud data and innovative multi-pattern matching algorithms to quickly and accurately find out where the errors locate and fix them in the shortest time, which minimizes the repair cost for you.

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iUpdater Gives You Intelligent iOS Upgrades/Downgrades

iOS Upgrade/Downgrade is complicated, and an iOS beta version update is only available with a developer account. AnyFix applies iUpdater to collect all upgrade/downgrade versions that are available for your device, including the latest iOS beta version, and intelligently integrate them into AnyFix resource library, allowing you to select any version to upgrade or downgrade with ease and comfort. If you subscribe to the update notification, AnyFix will notify you once there are the latest available iOS versions at the very first moment.

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1 Click to Enter/Exit Recovery Mode Securely with RM-Controller

Recovery mode is a failsafe in iBoot that is used to reflash the device with a new OS. AnyFix RM-Controller technique accelerates the process of getting the iOS devices into the recovery mode, so you can put your device into Recovery mode safely in 1 click. The RM-Controller also makes it possible to get the device out of Recovery mode in a few seconds, which allows the terminal to send commands to iBoot and release the bootloader in sequence to ensure that the device can securely exit Recovery mode, instead of force restarting the device.

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