MacClean Online Review

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User Testimonials


I've used macclean for months, it cleans all junk out of my Mac and makes sure my Mac have enough free space. As a tech novice, simpleness is what I care most, macclean fits me well. Simple yet reliable, enough for me. I'm happy with it so I recommend it.

- Nancy


MacClean great app guys! Thanks for make it available! I hope you can do the same for PhoneClean.

- Chelsea FC


MacClean the best of the best, the best application that may exist, very quick and very complete recommended 110%.

- luciano rojas


MacClean was really accurate in detecting unnecessary files in my Mac and is also a really simple program that anyone can use.

- Joshua P Stokes


MacClean is easy to use and works great. This program deletes many GB Mac and a simple design.

- Luis Marco

Authoritative Comments

  • If you're looking for software to speed up your sluggish Mac and more, try iMobie's MacClean, which offers simple yet reliable features for you. - Lewis Painter

    Finally, you can get rid of those unneeded iTunes backups, unused language files, unwanted apps, and more. Within five minutes your Mac should have more gigabytes of storage and a faster operating speed.- Hannah Sichting

  • makeuseof MacClean 3 выполняет целый ряд задач по поддержанию вашего Mac в отличной форме: чистит системный мусор, удаляет временные файлы, данные браузеров, оптимизирует медиатеку «Фото» и многое другое.- Артём Козориз

    MacClean is designed to re-optimize the operating system to be as fast and efficient as possible. It breaks down complicated tasks into plain English, like deleting deleting "internet junk," and is the perfect app to have if your Mac feels slow.- Alex Heath

  • The app unveils a complete redesign, showcasing a more minimalist user interface that sits in nicely with the latest OS X look and feel.- Nick Peers

    MacClean now returns with a completely new user interface where the focus is as much on protection as it is cleanup. It's also beautifully flat, designed perfectly for the more minimalist look of modern-day OS X.

  • "MacClean offers you options to either move the junk files to trash or remove them unlike other apps or tools. Therefore, in the event that you wanted to retrieve any files which you kept aside in the trash, you can get them back."- Dhvanesh Adhiya

    "MacClean promises to clean your Mac, freeing up disk space, protecting your privacy and increasing your security. The app excels at freeing up space on your hard drive. By running a series of scans it gave me an extra 35GB on my MacBook Pro."- Adrian Try

  • "Without complicated functions and settings to adjust, the application is plain simple and easy to use. You just need to decide on the type of data you want to remove and select the specific modules consequently." - Ioana Dumitrescu

    "The other tab, besides the Smart Clean app is the Utility tab. It contains 9 types of cleaning utilities, which you can use one by one to clean your Mac the way it suits you." - Gyandeep Kaushal

  • "This app is works great. At the first time of usage it helps to free up 10Gb + space. Isn't that great ?" - Himalaya Saxena

    "В MacClean 3 есть функция умной очистки – интеллектуальный алгоритм, предлагающий избавиться от тех файлов, удаление которых не затрагивает системные функции."