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How to Recover Files Deleted from Recycle Bin

Struggling to recover files deleted from the Recycle Bin? Don’t worry! This article offers a comprehensive guide on how to recover files deleted from recycle bin. Keep reading to learn more!

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Joy Taylor | Last Updated: Apr. 26, 2024
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Accidentally deleting files and then emptying the Recycle Bin is a common mishap that many users regret. Fortunately, even if the Recycle Bin has been cleared, there are still ways to recover those lost files. We’ll explore each method in detail, providing step-by-step instructions to maximize your chances of successful file recovery.

Can You Recover Files Deleted from Recycle Bin

Many users wonder if it’s possible to recover files once they have been deleted from the Recycle Bin. The answer is generally yes, but the success of recovery depends on several factors. When a file is deleted from the Recycle Bin, it is not immediately wiped from the hard drive; instead, the space that the file occupies is marked as available for new data. As long as new data has not overwritten the original file, recovery is often possible.

Factors Affecting File Recovery

Several factors can affect the likelihood of successful file recovery:

1. Recover Files Deleted from Recycle Bin with Professional Tool [Safe & Easy]

The most effective way to recover files deleted from recycle bin is by using a professional tool like Glary Utilities.

Glary Utilities is a comprehensive system utility program that enhances your PC’s performance and offers a suite of tools designed for system maintenance and repair, including powerful file recovery options. Not only is it user-friendly, but it is also known for its effectiveness in retrieving files that have seemingly vanished.

Key Features: 

Steps to Recover Files with Glary Utilities:

Step 1. Download and install Glarysoft File Recovery on your computer, and launch it. Select the location on your computer where the deleted files were stored, and click “Scan.”

scan the folder where the lost files were stored

scan the folder where the lost files were stored

Step 2. It may take up to a few minutes for the scanning process to take place, after which the search results will appear. You can narrow down the results by using the filters on the left.

narrow down the results using the file filters

narrow down the results using the file filters

Step 3. You can preview the recovered files, select the ones that you want to restore, and click on “Recover.”

restore the recovered files

restore the recovered files

Step 4. Once the files are recovered, click on “View Recovery”  to view the recovered files

view recovered files

view recovered files

2. How to Recover Files Deleted from Recycle Bin with System Restore Feature

System Restore is a feature in Windows that allows you to revert your computer’s state (including system files, installed applications, Windows registry, and settings) to a previous point in time. This can be used to recover system files and settings but is less effective for personal files.

Steps to Use System Restore:

3. Recover Files Deleted from Recycle Bin with Previous Version

The Previous Versions feature in Windows allows you to restore earlier versions of files and folders. 

Windows 10 offers compelling features for file recovery, including File History. File History allows you to retrieve previous versions of lost files, provided you have enabled it on your Windows 10 device. To verify, navigate to the settings panel, access the Update & Security tab, and select Backup. Here, you can check if the option to automatically back up your files is enabled.

Steps to Use Previous Versions:

Step 1. Right-click the folder where the deleted files were located and select ‘Restore previous versions’.

Step 2. From the list of available versions, choose the most relevant one (dated before the deletion).

Step 3. Click ‘Restore‘ to retrieve the selected version of files and folders.

4. How to Recover Files Deleted from Recycle Bin from File History

If you’ve successfully backed up your deleted files using Windows File History on your computer, congratulations! You can easily restore them to your PC. However, if you haven’t created a backup, this method won’t yield any results. Please note that this approach is applicable only to users of Windows 8, 10, and 11. Below are the detailed steps for performing Windows file recovery and retrieving deleted files:

Steps to Use File History:

  1. Enable File History: Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Update & Security’ > ‘Backup’ and turn on ‘Automatically back up my files’.
  2. Select Backup: Click ‘More options’ to view and restore files from existing backups.
  3. Restore Files: Navigate to the backup containing your files, then select and restore them.

5. How to Recover Files Deleted from Recycle Bin with Windows File Recovery

The final way is to use Windows File Recovery. Windows File Recovery is a utility developed by Microsoft for restoring lost or deleted files on Windows systems. It offers a straightforward interface and various recovery methods to help users retrieve valuable data that may have been accidentally erased or lost due to system errors.SDs, USB drives, and memory cards.

Windows File Recovery

Windows File Recovery

Steps to Use Windows File Recovery:

The Bottom Line

In comparison to other methods, professional tools like Glary Utilities offer a more robust and user-friendly solution for recovering deleted files. It’s designed specifically for data recovery and provides a higher success rate than system-based methods. For those who prioritize data safety and ease of use, downloading Glary Utilities could be the wisest step towards safeguarding your data.

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