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The Best 12 USB Flash Drive Recovery Tools

Have you saved some important files on your USB flash drive but accidentally deleted them? It is a common mistake that anyone can make. However, in this article, we have compiled a list of 12 USB recovery software to recover your deleted files.

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Joy Taylor | Last Updated: Mar. 21, 2024
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Whoops! Did you delete some important stuff from your USB drive by mistake? Don’t panic! Here is the key: stop using the drive right away!  New files you save can overwrite the ones you lost, making them impossible to get back. But the good news is there are special USB recovery software out there that can help you undelete those files. 

In this guide, we have put together 12 of the best data recovery programs for flash drives that can help you get your stuff back easily!

What Is USB Data Recovery Software?

A USB data recovery software to help you retrieve your lost files from your USB drive This software is designed to scan your storage device using advanced algorithms to locate any remnants of deleted files that are still hidden on the drive.

Now, keep in mind that this method may not work if files have been extensively overwritten. However, it can still be very useful in many situations and can save you a lot of stress and headaches. There are a variety of both free and paid options available, so you can choose a program that fits your specific needs and budget.

Can A USB Flash Drive Be Recovered?

Yes, a USB flash drive can be recovered. However, one important thing to note is that the chances of successful data recovery greatly increase the sooner you use the software after the files have been deleted. 

So, don’t hesitate if you think you have lost some important files, give these 12 USB data recovery software a try and see if they can help you retrieve your lost data!

Best USB Flash Drive Recovery Software in 2024 [Safe & Easy]

If you are looking for one of the best USB recovery software that is safe and easy to use, we recommend using Glarysoft File Recovery

Glarysoft File Recovery is a handy tool that helps you get back deleted files from your computer and flash drive for free. It can recover photos, videos, documents, and more. Here’s how it works: first, it scans your device to find the lost files. Then, it lets you preview and recover them. Plus, with the free version, you can recover up to 2GB of data.

Glarysift File Recovery Features

Steps on How to Use Glarysoft File Recovery 

Step 1. Download and install Glarysoft File Recovery on your PC, and launch it. Plug in your USB drive, select its location on your PC, and click “Scan.”

scan the folder where the lost files were stored

Scan the Folder Where the Lost Files were Stored

Step 2. It may take up to a few minutes for Glarysoft to finish scanning your USB drive and display the results. 

narrow down the results using the file filters

Scan Results

Step 3. You can preview the recovered files, select the ones that you want to restore, and click on “Recover.”

restore the recovered files

restore the recovered files

Step 4. Once the files are recovered, click on “View Recovery”  to view the recovered files.

view recovered files

view recovered files

And that is how to use Glarysoft File Recovery to recover deleted files from your USB flash drive.

Other USB Flash Drive Recovery Softwares

Now let’s have a look at some other USB recovery software:

1. Recuva

Recuva is a tool designed to recover deleted files from your computer’s hard drive, recycle bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. It can even recover files from damaged or newly formatted USB drives. Recuva comes in free and paid versions. Recuva’s paid version includes features like automatic updates and priority support.



Features of Recuva

2. Disk Drill

The next USB recovery software on our list is Disk Drill. It is a data recovery software for Windows that can recover deleted files from various devices including hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, and more. It supports a wide variety of file types including photos, videos, documents, audio files, and more.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill

Features of Disk Drill

3. Recover Emptied Trash with Time Machine

Time Machine is not exactly a third-party tool; in fact, it is a built-in backup feature on Apple computers that allows you to automatically back up your files to an external storage device. 

Time Machine

Time Machine

Features of Time Machine

4. Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is a quick and easy-to-use tool for recovering files from USB drives. It can help you get back compressed files, audio, videos, documents, and photos. After scanning, the software rates the recoverability of the files, making it easier for you to decide which ones to restore. It also offers an advanced search feature for quickly finding deleted data. 

Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery

Features of Wise Data Recovery

5. Pandora Data Recovery

Pandora Data Recovery is a free tool that helps you get back files you’ve deleted from flash drives. It can recover all sorts of files, even ones that are encrypted, hidden, or compressed. You can use it to preview, search, and recover files from FAT and NTFS volumes, no matter what type of file they are. Plus, it can recover audio, videos, documents, and pictures from hard drives, memory cards, and the recycle bin.

Pandora Data Recovery

Pandora Data Recovery

Features of Pandora File Recovery 

1. Offers Quick and Deep Scans – Pandora Recovery offers a quick scan and a deep scan for data recovery:

2. Lets You Preview the Files – Before fully recovering the files, Pandora Recovery allows you to preview certain file types.

3. Works with Various File Systems – This tool recovers data from various file systems, including NTFS, the most widely used file system in Windows, as well as FAT file systems often found in USB drives and older storage devices.

4. Partition Recovery – Pandora Recovery offers a dedicated partition recovery feature to help you recover data from lost partitions. 

6. Undelete 360 Recovery

Undelete 360 Recovery is a free software that helps you recover files and documents you have deleted, even from your computer’s internal disk or other external storage devices. It can also recover files that are too big for the recycle bin or were deleted using the “cut” command.

Undelete 360 Recovery

Undelete 360 Recovery

Features of Undelete 360 Recovery

7. SysTools Pen Drive Recovery

Do you have a USB drive that is not being detected by your PC? If yes then SysTools Pen Drive Recovery is just what you need! It is a tool that helps you easily recover your lost files from your USB flash drives and hard drives with just a few clicks.

SysTools Pen Drive Recovery

SysTools Pen Drive Recovery

Features of SysTools Pen Drive Recovery

8. Active Undelete Data Recovery

Active Undelete Data Recovery Software helps you get back deleted data from flash disks and other storage devices. It uses a unique method called “Signatures” to recover data. This means it can recognize and recover many different types of files. With its easy recovery process, Active Undelete Data Recovery makes getting your files back a breeze!

 Active Undelete Data Recovery interface

Active Undelete Data Recovery interface

Features of Active Undelete Software 

9. Windows File Recovery 

Windows File Recovery is a free tool from Microsoft that helps you recover deleted files from various storage devices. It is available on the Microsoft Store and is designed to work on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Windows File Recovery

Windows File Recovery

Features of Windows File Recovery 

10. TestDisk

TestDisk is a powerful open-source data recovery software designed to help recover lost partitions and fix disk-related issues. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. 



Features of TestDisk

11. DMDE

DMDE is a USB recovery tool with an easy-to-use interface. It helps you recover lost or accidentally deleted data and files from your USB drive. Additionally, it can scan your portable device deeply to search for malware.

Features of DMDE

And that’s it; the 12 best USB recovery software to help you recover deleted files from your USB flash drives. 

The Bottom Line

If you have ever deleted files from your USB drive by mistake or due to a glitch, there’s no need to panic, as not all is lost! You can still get your data back! In this comprehensive guide, we have compiled a list of 12 of the best USB recovery software to help you restore deleted items from your USB flash drives. 

While, there are many ways to get back files you’ve lost, the easiest and best way is to use Glarysoft File Recovery. It’s a powerful tool that can find many types of files, on your flash drives and memory cards. It can also recover files you might have lost a long time ago, thanks to its special preview feature and thorough scans.

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