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With more than 6 million downloads, PhoneClean gets the high marks from world wild, which encourage us to keep moving forward. Check what the customers and media say about PhoneClean.

User Testimonials

Just had to say I was a little worried about using this program at first. Thought is was too good to be true. But, on the first scan, it found 400MB of space on my iPhone 3GS 8GB. It's a pretty amazing product I have to say, and has made my phone feel like new again.

- Joseph Howard

This just a FANTASTIC application. I just don't believe it's free. I'm at least going to find a way to donate. Good work guys!

- Jon Bjarni Gudsteinsson

"Auf meinem iPad 16GB wird der Speicherplatz erwartungsgemäß schnell knapp. Die hat mir RuckZuck 3GB Speicher freigeschaufelt. Das war mehr als erhofft. Kann ich nur empfehlen."

- Elijah Eilzer

"This is a good, free desktop application. It cleared nearly a gigabyte of junk data off my iPhone. They do it for free, so I am happy to give them a shout out. Give it a try!"

- Anonymous

"Just wanted to say thanks for making phoneclean for mac. Thanks for doing a great job at making cleaning up unused files really easy where apple totally failed!"

- Josh Crane

Authoritative Comments

  • "So I'd say if you're strapped for storage on your iDevice, PhoneClean is definitely worth a try." - RICK BROIDA

    "Your iOS device has a limited amount of storage. It can store a lot of junk you don't need over time like temp files, scripts, and failed sync files. PhoneClean is an app that deletes all that junk for you." - THORIN KLOSOWSKI

  • makeuseof "Cleaning the cache of your phone is not as easy. Fortunately for iOS device owners that have a Windows computer, there exists an application called PhoneClean." - Yaara Lancet

    "If you find yourself shocked by the storage space (or lack thereof) you have on your iOS device, PhoneClean will try and restore some order for you." - Ben Reid

  • "Hey, what about recovering some storage capacity by removing the space-hogging files? And you can do that easily with PhoneClean." -

    "The app can safely remove unwanted clutter from your iOS devices, making your phone faster and more efficient. It can also remove hidden junk files, cache, cookies and script files to effectively make your phone cleaner and more private also." - IN DOWNLOADS

  • "Comme son nom l’indique, PhoneClean fait le ménage sur vos Smartphones et tablettes floquées du signe de la pomme pour récupérer de précieux méga-octets d'espace de stockage."

    iMobie has released its new PhoneClean device maintenance app for Windows.iMobile claims that PhoneClean can help users reclaim up to 40% of free space, and may also help improve device performance. - Charles Starrett

  • "If you're new to iOS and have an iPhone or iPad with limited storage, then you'll find PhoneClean useful as it will help you free up some extra space and you may find some of its other utilities convenient. " - Thomas Boldt

    "PhoneClean is a cool, free utility which should be used occasionally to clean up your iOS device and return it to its former peppiness." - DrJBHL

  • "そんな不要なデータをスキャン、削除してiOSデバイスの空き容量を増やしてくれるMac/Win用アプリが『PhoneClean』。" - ドサ健

    "This free tool will safely find and remove all kinds of iOS system junk files to cleanup and speedup your idevices, even no jailbreak is required." - Razvan Mihai

  • "Utilizzabile su OS Windows e Mac, PhoneClean permette di ripulire un qualsiasi dispositivo iOS dai junk file accumulati nel tempo, senza intaccare le funzionalità della piattaforma. Bastano solo tre clic e il dispositivo perde i file spazzatura." - Lunedì

    "PhoneClean posiada funkcję kasowania plików cookie i skryptów. Opcja ta jest niezwykle przydatna gdy chcemy chronić naszą prywatność."

  • "Con tan sólo un clic, este ligero instrumento escaneará el sistema operativo en busca de restos de información inservible, tras lo cual procederá a recuperar el espacio." - Eugenia Pex

    "Not an App, a utility that gets rid of all the things that slow up your Apple device.PhoneClean is uniquely designed to reclaim more free space on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and make all iOS devices running faster." - Taungfox

  • "Der kostenlose Download PhoneClean durchsucht an den Rechner angeschlossene iOS-Geräte unter Windows und auf dem Mac nach temporären Dateien und zwischengespeicherten Bildern und erlaubt anschließend das einfache Löschen der Platzverschwender."

    "PhoneClean is a cool, free utility which should be used occasionally to clean up your iOS device and return it to its former peppiness." - DrJBHL

  • "Fortunately, now through scanning and comparison, PhoneClean quickly strikes out these non-associated media files to bring up more free space to you."

    "So far there is nothing like PhoneClean that can give you a fast and simple iPhone cleanup solution!"

  • "It’s actually pretty cool, and it’s free. It doesn’t require a jailbroken device or anything special." - 8BITJAY


  • "El uso de esta aplicación junto con sistemas de almacenamiento en la nube que eviten el tener los archivos directamente en tu dispositivo pueden hacer que tu iPad de 16 o 32GB sean más que suficientes para tus necesidades." - Luis Padilla

    "To prevent the leak or abuse use of these personal information, PhoneClean ensures the safety of your property and privacy."

  • "This software was designed so that it would make my devices run that much faster without cluttering the free space that I had." - SnailJack

    "Egy tisztítás egyébként összesen jó, ha két percet vesz igénybe, de az érzés utána megfizethetetlen - nekem 600 megát adott kapásból hozzá a tárhelyemhez, pedig egy hete restore-oltam iOS 7-re…" - Zulu

  • It eliminates 30+ type of junk files from iPad, iPod and iPhone to reclaim wasted space. Plus, its nine device tuning tools reclaim unused storage space, protect privacy and also boost the performance of the device.

    "PhoneClean sizin için uygulama önbellek dosyalarını, çerezleri ve gereksiz dosyaları silerek ekstra depolama alanı yaratır ve aynı zamanda yapmış olduğu bu işlemler ile iOS cihazınızın çok daha hızlı ve düzgün çalışmasına olanak tanır." - Can Çevrim