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PUBG Mobile Streaming Setup Guide: How to Stream PUBG

Level up your PUBG Mobile gameplay by streaming it on your computer! Uncover the step-by-step guide and tools to master the PUBG Mobile streaming setup.

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PUBG Mobile Streaming Setup Guide: How to Stream PUBG

PUBG mobile streaming tool – AnyMiro

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Are you a PUBG Mobile enthusiast eager to showcase your gaming skills? Do you want to join fellow gamers and connect to a wider audience? If so, mastering the PUBG mobile streaming setup is a must.

The trend of live streaming is rising day by day. A huge number of gamers do live streaming to learn new skills and make money out of it. However, most of us are pro players but don’t know how to live stream PUBG mobile.

In this guide, we will learn everything about PUBG Mobile stream setup. From selecting the right software to the setup process, we have got you covered.

Let’s dive in!

PUBG Mobile Streaming Setup on Computer

Players prefer PUBG Mobile stream setup on a computer due to many reasons. For example, it provides a better gaming experience. It offers a big screen with better graphics and improved controls. Plus, streaming from a computer allows for smoother visuals and better resolution.

What do you need?

  1. A screen mirroring software to mirror mobile game screens to the computer. AnyMiro is the best option for this purpose.
  2. A USB cable, if you prefer to screen mirror your mobile screen via USB cable.
  3. A stable WiFi connection if you prefer to screen mirror your mobile screen via WiFi.
  4. A reliable streaming tool such as OBS or Streamlab to broadcast your gameplay.

Step 1. Screen Mirror the Mobile Phone to Computer

First, you need to screen mirror your mobile screen to the computer. Download AnyMiro for the best experience. It offers you stable, smooth, and lag-free screen mirroring.

Reasons to choose AnyMiro

  1. Stable Mirroring Connection for 10+ hours: It ensures a stable mirroring connection that can last for extended periods. You can mirror your mobile phone screen to your computer without interruptions. Whatever you use it for, it keeps your mirroring connection rock-solid for extended sessions.
  2. Free to use: AnyMiro offers a free version that allows you to enjoy up to 40 minutes of mirroring time per day at no cost. This enables you to experience the benefits of mobile screen mirroring without spending a penny.
  3. Less latency and lag: AnyMiro is designed to cut latency and lag during the mirroring process. It ensures that your mirroring experience is quick and seamless. Whether you’re moving around in apps, typing messages, or using your mobile phone on your computer screen, AnyMiro keeps everything smooth and responsive.
  4. 4K resolution for game streaming: It supports high-quality 4K resolution for game streaming. If you love playing games on your phone, you would want them to be clear and detailed when mirrored to your computer. AnyMiro makes sure your games appear their best while you’re playing.

How to use AnyMiro to screen mirror PUBG mobile phone

Here’s how you can use AnyMiro to screen mirror your iOS screen on your computer:

Step 1. Download and install the AnyMiro software on your computer. Once installed, launch the application.

Free Download for all windows & 100% safe Free Download for all mac & 100% safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Select the mobile type, iOS/iPad or Android, and continue.

Mirror iPhone to Computer

Select iOS/iPadOS as Your Mobile Type

Step 3. Select USB as a connection mode. Then connect your smartphone to the computer via a USB cable.

Mirror iOS Device to Computer via USB

Select USB as Your Connection Mode

Step 4. A pop-up will appear on your phone, click Trust and enter your passcode to unlock the device. After that, you can enjoy high-quality iOS screen mirroring.

Mirror iOS Screen Successfully

Mirror iOS Screen Successfully

Similarly, you can use WiFi as your connection mode if you have a stable WiFi connection. You can visit AnyMiro’s official site for further instructions.

Now, let’s see how to stream PUBG Mobile with OBS.

Step 2. Stream Service Set up

If you have successfully screen-mirrored your phone to the computer, you can now set up your system for live streaming. Here’s how you can stream PUBG Mobile with OBS:

Step 1. Download and install OBS Studio on your computer.

Step 2. Launch the app, click Tools, then Auto-Configuration Wizard.

Opening Auto-Configuration Wizard

Opening Auto-Configuration Wizard

Step 3. A pop-up will appear; select Optimize for streaming, recording is secondary, and click Next.

Select the Highlighted Option

Select the Highlighted Option

Step 4. Select the platform where you want to broadcast your live streaming.

Step 5. Ensure that the screen mirroring is still enabled. On OBS, click the + icon to add sources and then click Window Capture.

Open the Window Capture Option

Open the Window Capture Option

Step 6. Now name your Window Capture screen and select the PUBG Mobile window. Finally, you are ready for live streaming.

Well, there are people who love to be on their phones all the time. Let’s see how to live stream PUBG Mobile via smartphone.

PUBG Mobile Streaming Setup via iPhone/Android

Many gamers prefer to stream their gameplay directly from their smartphones. However, PUBG Mobile streaming setup on iPhone/Android is a straightforward process. The best part is you don’t need any expensive equipment with a smartphone to go live. All you need is a PUBG Mobile app and an app that allows you to stream live such as Twitch or YouTube.

Steps to Go Live on The Twitch App

Here are the steps of how to live stream PUBG Mobile via the Twitch app on smartphones:

Step 1. You can install the Twitch app from the App Store or Play Store. Then sign in to your Twitch account, or create a new one.

Install the Twitch App from the AppPlay Store

Install the Twitch App from the App/Play Store

Step 2. Convert the mode to the Create mode from the top right corner. Then tap on the Go Live icon on the bottom menu.

Select the Go Live Option

Select the Go Live Option

Step 3. You will see two options Stream Games and Stream IRL. If you want to go live from your phone camera, select Stream IRL. Otherwise, select Stream Games.

Select the Stream Games Option

Select the Stream Games Option

Step 4. You will see the menu showing all the popular games. Select the PUBG Mobile from the games menu and click Next.

Select PUBG Mobile from the Menu

Select PUBG Mobile from the Menu

Step 5. Enter the title for your live stream and also configure other settings. Click on the broadcast icon, then click Start Broadcast. Switch the tab and open the PUBG Mobile game, and you will be live on your Twitch account.

Click the Broadcast Icon to Go Live

Click the Broadcast Icon to Go Live

Note: Open and load the PUBG Mobile game before starting the broadcast so your viewers don’t have to wait.

We have knowledge about both streaming on PC and mobile phones, let’s see which one is best.

Streaming on PC or Mobile Phone?

When it comes to streaming mobile games, you have two options. One is streaming directly on your mobile phone. The other is streaming on your computer using a screen mirroring tool. Let’s compare these two methods and explore their pros and cons.

Streaming on PC via screen mirroring

Pros Cons
You can enjoy games on a bigger screen to enhance the gaming experience. Installation of software can take some time.
You can connect physical controllers for better control. Unstable WiFi may result in lagging, if you use WiFi as a connection method.
Using a screen mirroring tool like AnyMiro, you can stream in 4k resolution. Inconvenient to stream anywhere

Streaming on mobile phone

Pros Cons
Streaming on mobile a phone may not need additional equipment. A small screen may not let you enjoy the details of the game.
If you have a stable WiFi connection, you can stream anywhere. Touch control may not provide the same level of precision and responsiveness as physical controllers.

However, due to the smooth, lag-free, and better experience, it is recommended to do gaming streams on a computer.

FAQs About PUBG Mobile Streaming

Q. How do I stream PUBG Mobile to PC?

Well, not a big deal! You can use a screen mirroring app such as AnyMiro to screen mirror your mobile on your PC. Then you can use any broadcasting software to go live on your favorite platform to entertain your audience.

Q. What are the requirements for PUBG streamer?

To become a PUBG streamer, you’ll need a capable PC or laptop, a stable internet connection, and streaming software like OBS. However, choose a popular streaming platform like Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming to reach a wider audience.

Q. How do I cast my phone screen on OBS?

To cast your phone screen on OBS, you need to screen mirror your phone to the computer. You can use Software like AnyMiro for this purpose. Then you can follow the instructions given in this article to cast screen to OBS.

Final Thought

When it comes to streaming PUBG Mobile, having the right setup is important. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have learned about the PUBG Mobile streaming setup.

However, a screen mirroring tool like AnyMiro can level up your streaming.

With AnyMiro, you get a stable connection, less delay, and better visuals. You can play on a bigger screen with better controllers by mirroring your phone to your computer. So, download AnyMiro now and start streaming exciting gameplay to captivate your viewers.

AnyMiro – Real-Time Screen Mirroring Tool

Free download AnyMiro to enjoy a fast, stable, and smooth screen mirroring experience. You can mirror for better game playing, video watching, or live streaming mobile phone content.

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