Top 4 Fastest Cloud Storage

Have you ever considered using a cloud service to switch your storage into online storage? Working with cloud storage is like having a mainstream space where you can back up all your data files. In the article, we are going to discuss and compare the most popular and fastest cloud services available worldwide.

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Choosing the perfect cloud storage service is seemingly hard but in reality, users have only two things to take into account before choosing the most reliable service. The first thing is Speed and the second one is Security.

Considering the fact that you are reading this article you might be looking for the fastest cloud services.  But you must remember that it is not just about the speed, the security factor also plays a vital role in cloud storage services. The list of the storage services we gathered for you offers both benefits in one service. So, take a look and then decide which one suits you the best.

1. Top 4 Fastest Cloud Storage – Dropbox

When thinking about choosing the top cloud storage service it is almost impossible that the name Dropbox will skip from your mind. Dropbox is a file hosting service that has been in operation for 11 years. They have focused on providing a synchronized service to all the users. It has even got credit for being the Best Internet Application all over the world. It offers complete storage of all the data files such as photos, videos, music files, documents, PDFs, and much more.

Top 4 Fastest Cloud Storage - Dropbox

Top 4 Fastest Cloud Storage – Dropbox


And now for the technicality, Dropbox provides an average speed of 22.5 Mbps to upload a file to the server which helps it to stay in the list of the fastest cloud storage.

The download speed of the service is 20 Mbps which is also quite good. The syncing speed of Dropbox depends upon the combined sync between download and upload.


The features provided with Dropbox such as no file size restriction, MS Office integration, and referral programs help the service to stay intact in the competition for being the fastest cloud storage.

2. Top 4 Fastest Cloud Storage – Google Drive

Dropbox was once the undisputed king of cloud storage services but the Google Drive is giving a supreme challenge to win the race for the best. It is not just the speed that is awesome but the other features that Google Drive provided are leading to a head-to-head matchup for supremacy between the fastest cloud services.

Top 4 Fastest Cloud Storage - Google Drive

Top 4 Fastest Cloud Storage – Google Drive


The upload speed of Google Drive is up to 48 Mbps while as the download speed is 5-10 Mbps. The syncing speed also varies from 5 to 6.4 Mbps. However, all these speeds are codependent on the internet connection speed of the user’s device.


The other features included in the Google Drive service is the free 15 GB storage, online music streaming, an entire collection of applications, and sharing and collaboration with other platforms in a simple way.

3. Top 4 Fastest Cloud Storage – pCloud

The pCloud lies on the third number in our list but is still considered as the fastest cloud storage. It is a comprehensive and simple cloud storage solution that offers services for both personal use and businesses. It has gained popularity because of the simple and user-friendly interface it provides as compared to other technical services.

Top 4 Fastest Cloud Storage - pCloud

Top 4 Fastest Cloud Storage – pCloud


The download, upload and sync speed is relatively good and better than most of the services. It provides an average upload speed of 30 Mbps, and a download speed of 40 Mbps. The sync speed is also varying from 32 to 40 Mbps.


The main feature of the pCloud includes zero-knowledge encryption, top-notch privacy and security, and an additional 20 GB of free storage which gives some more reasons to love this cloud storage service.

4. Top 4 Fastest Cloud Storage – OneDrive

Meanwhile, the above three services seem to like having combat, the One Drive service is taking a completely different approach to gain customers and become the fastest cloud service around the globe. A big thanks to the inclusion of Microsoft’s Office, the OneDrive is providing a good value for the service. The OneDrive cloud storage has implied the quote “work from anywhere” to surface information in real-time and provide secured content to the users.

Top 4 Fastest Cloud Storage - OneDrive

Top 4 Fastest Cloud Storage – OneDrive


The download speed of the OneDrive is on average varies from 15 kbps to almost 35 Mbps and can be set manually.

The upload speed can also be set manually up to 2500 Kbps and hence the syncing speed relies upon the download and upload rate which is set by the users.


The direct Windows integration and file restoration features are also unique. The service also provides 5 GB of storage for free.


Provided Speed Dropbox Google Drive pCloud OneDrive
Upload Speed average speed 22.5 Mbps up to 48 Mbps average speed 30 Mbps up to 2500 Kbps
Download Speed average speed 20 Mbps 5-10 Mbps average speed 40 Mbps 15-35 Mbps
Syncing Speed depends upon the combined sync between download and upload 5 to 6.4 Mbps 32 to 40 Mbps rely upon the setted download and upload rate

The Bottom Line

Fortunately, you don’t have to stick to the same cloud storage even if it is not fulfilling your needs and requirements. All of you have a variety of option from which you can pick the most reliable service. As we have provided the significant cloud storage comparison, it will save you some time that you can use up in getting familiar with the relevant software.

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