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The most advanced iOS cleanup solution ever!

Hands-free iPhone Cleanup

Makes your iPhone cleaning a real cinch, even working unconsciously.

  • More IntelligentMore Intelligent

    From the customized scan per your device to the instant cleanup – All your iPhone tuning procedure will be done automatically.
  • More EfficientMore Efficient

    No more messing up with the removal of your photos or apps - All your iPhone storage headaches would be solved all at the once.
  • More ConvenientMore Convenient

    The regularly scan, fast cleanup, and uttermost retrieval on iPhone storage – All your iOS cleaning solutions are delivered with comfort.
  • More PerfectMore Perfect

    Working without interruption, a real fun maker even yielding huge surprises – All you want are just in fire-new PhoneClean Pro.

Protect Your Privacy

Always protect your personal info and sensitive data from prying eyes.

  • More SecureMore Secure

    Thoroughly scans all your personal info, including photos and videos – No more worry about your privacy get threatened.
  • More In-depthMore In-depth

    Intensive diagnosis upon these seemingly removed info, plus the genuine byte-level data cleaning – No more worry about your secrets get exposed.
  • More PeacefulMore Peaceful

    All deleted data are guaranteed with 100% safety and completeness – No more worry about your data get retrieved by any means.

Secure Internet Experience

Safety protection has never been so all-round.

  • Secure SurfingSecure Surfing

    Completely deletes your entire Internet browsing history, and covers up your tracks to the end – Lets you live your life online securely.
  • Secure Log-in Secure Log-in

    Completely deletes your website log-in account and password info – Keeps your identity and property immune from any attack.
  • Secure Web-mailingSecure Web-mailing

    Completely deletes all your webmail usage and log-in information from the ground up – Defenses you from any potential privacy risks.

Advanced iOS Care

Yes, we make iOS better

  • More ResponsiveMore Responsive

    Cleaning up outdated and accumulated junks – Makes iOS running smoothly and response with lightening fast speed.
  • More CapableMore Capable

    Clear out a variety of system junks to reduce the burden of your iOS – Makes the best use of every gigabyte on your device.
  • More VersatileMore Versatile

    Providing a full set of customized iOS tuning tools – Makes omnibearing solutions on your entire iOS maintenance needs.