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Just reclaimed 1.85 GB space on my 16GB iPad - I really like this piece of software. - Leif Avlskarl

PhoneClean the best software to help cleaning garbage in my iPhone! - Michele Baldi

Couldn't figure out what the "other" was on my phone - this app got rid of it!!! - Ann Mahoney Kadar

If you have an iPhone you have to get and use PhoneClean to maintain your phone they are"Great"! - Marshall Brooks

Must have application! Clean almost 0.6 Gb on my iPhone 5! Thanks for developers! - Boris Melamed

Just wanted to say thanks for making phoneclean for mac. Thanks for doing a great job at making cleaning up unused files really easy where apple totally failed! - Josh Crane

"So I'd say if you're strapped for storage on your iDevice, PhoneClean is definitely worth a try." - RICK BROIDA

"Your iOS device has a limited amount of storage. It can store a lot of junk you don't need over time like temp files, scripts, and failed sync files. PhoneClean is an app that deletes all that junk for you." - THORIN KLOSOWSKI


"Cleaning the cache of your phone is not as easy. Fortunately for iOS device owners that have a Windows computer, there exists an application called PhoneClean." - Yaara Lancet

"If you find yourself shocked by the storage space (or lack thereof) you have on your iOS device, PhoneClean will try and restore some order for you." - Ben Reid

"iMobie has released its new PhoneClean device maintenance app for Windows.iMobile claims that PhoneClean can help users reclaim up to 40% of free space, and may also help improve device performance." - Charles Starrett