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How to Mirror iPad to PC in 2 Ways – Wired & Wireless

This article introduces both wired and wirelss methods for you to mirror iPad to PC. Third-party screen mirroring software also introduced in this post because of Windows computers doesn’t support AirPlay.

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Joy Taylor | Last Updated: Nov. 07, 2023
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How to Mirror iPad to PC in 2 Ways – Wired & Wireless

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“Hi there, 
I have a presentation at the office in a few days’ time, and I’ve been using my iPad to compile all the files and everything needed. However, unfortunately, I will be asked to mirror my iPad to a PC, which I don’t know how to do. Please can someone help out with some iPad mirror to PC techniques? “

Whether you own an iPad for business purposes or personal use, there are instances where you wish to enlarge your viewing screen just as in the scenario above. When such happens, our iPad mirror to PC techniques come in handy, and we will like to share them with you in this post. Without delay, let’s get started!

Wired Mirroring: How to Mirror iPad Screen to PC via USB

No doubt that mirroring iPad to PC will improve your viewing experience, but how do you do that without establishing a connection between both devices? Well, that’s where screen mirroring apps like AnyMiro come into play.

With a professional app like AnyMiro, you can cast your iPad screen on PC/Mac easily and quickly without losing the quality of the content. The app supports several types of data such as videos, songs, photos, documents, and more.

AnyMiro comes with a host of fascinating features to enhance your screen mirroring experience, such as ensuring stable long-time mirroring, escalating the resolution to up to 4K, and decreasing the response time to 10ms.

You can also connect to streaming platforms like YouTube, Streamlabs, and OBS via this screen mirroring app. This app offers a two-way configuration setup for you to link your iPad screen to your PC. AnyMiro supports both wired and wireless connections. For the wired connection, you get to mirror iPad to PC via a USB cable. The wireless connection requires a WiFi network for connectivity.

Steps to mirror iPad screen to PC via USB using AnyMiro:

Step 1. Download and install AnyMiro on your PC.

Free Download for all windows & 100% safe Free Download for all mac & 100% safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Select mirror iPhone/iPad to enter iOS mirroring.

Mirror iPhone to Computer

Mirror iPhone to Computer

Step 3. Connect your iPad to PC with a lightning cable.

Mirror iOS Device to Computer via USB

Mirror iOS Device to Computer via USB

Step 4. Tap “Trust” on your iPad, and wait a few seconds, you can see the iPad screen on the computer.

Trust Your Computer on iPhone

Trust Your Computer on iPhone

Wireless Mirroring: How to Mirror iPad to PC via WiFi

In the above section, you can see how easy it can be to use a USB cable to screen mirror iPad/iPhone. While AnyMiro also supports wireless connection when mirroring iPad to computer, here we want to give you more choices and introduce another handy screen mirroring app for PC.

iPad mirror to PC via a wireless connection is pretty straightforward. With ApowerMirror, you can cast a smaller screen like iPhone and Android to a bigger one like Mac/Windows without restrictions. Whether you want to stream videos, audio, gaming screen, or view photographs, this app is your go-to tool.

ApowerMirror is rated one of the most outstanding in the screen mirroring industry for a plethora of reasons. From the clean interface to the capability to maintain content quality, freedom to select between fullscreen or partial screen mode, and much more. This app allows you to mirror iPad to PC via USB or WiFi for wireless connectivity.

Here are the steps you can follow for mirroring iPad to PC wirelessly via ApowerMirror:

Step 1. Install the ApowerMirror app on your iPad and computer.

Step 2. Next, you have to connect both devices to the same WiFi network. Ensure the WiFi is stable and strong enough to avoid errors.

Find Local Cast in ApowerMirror

Find Local Cast in ApowerMirror

Step 3. Launch the ApowerMirror app on your iPad, and select LocalCast to find your computer. Locate your computer name from the device list, click on it, and tap on Mirror Phone to PC.

Connect the Same WiFi and Mirror Phone to PC

Connect the Same WiFi and Mirror Phone to PC

Step 4. Still on your iPad, head to the Control Center page, and click on Screen Mirroring (also known as Airplay). Your iPad will start sourcing for nearby mirroring devices to connect with.

Go to iPad Control Center and Choose Screen Mirroring

Go to iPad Control Center and Choose Screen Mirroring

A list with your computer name will come up. Kindly click on your computer, and your iPad screen will appear immediately.

Can I Mirror iPad to PC without Software?

When thinking about screen mirroring iPhone or iPad, many users wonder if they can mirror their devices to PC without software. Here is the answer:

No, you cannot mirror your iPad screen to PC without a third-party software. This is because of the difference in operating systems. Windows PCs don’t support AirPlay, the native tool for sharing screens between Apple devices, whether iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer systems. If you need to cast your iPad to Windows PC, then you should install a mirroring app such as AnyMiro to establish a connection between both operating systems.

AirPlay iPad: How to Mirror iPad to Mac

Mirroring iPad to Mac is less complicated since both devices run on similar operating systems. Apple did well integrating AirPlay on both devices for screen-sharing purposes. Connection is mainly wireless and can be done via WiFi, so you don’t need USB cables for this.

Here’s a simple guide to mirroring iPad to Mac:

Step 1. Make sure you have a stable WiFi network, then connect the iPad and Mac to it. Once the connection is achieved, proceed to where you have the video you want to stream on the iPad via the Photos app.

Step 2. Next, click on the Video, and then tap on the Share icon which is usually situated at the lower left corner of the screen.

Step 3. A fly-out menu should pop up in response to the action above. Scroll down and click on the AirPlay icon.

Your iPad will quickly scan for nearby devices that are ready for screen sharing. Since your Mac is discoverable, the name should pop up on your screen. Click on it, and streaming will commence automatically.

If the video you wish to stream isn’t available under the Photos app but on a streaming platform like Netflix, or any related platform, then you should click on the AirPlay icon to share screen.


Sharing your iPad screen with a computer system is never a challenge anymore, now that you have our tutorial guide on iPad mirror to PC. Whether you wish to stream video clips, check out images, listen to music, or read through documents on a large screen via iPad, the guide should help you out.

We’ve outlined the various ways to cast your iPad screen on PC via wireless and USB cables. Apply any of the techniques that suit you. However, mind you, we recommend AnyMiro from the iPad mirror to the PC techniques provided.

AnyMiro – Handy iPad to PC Screen Mirroring Tool

Download AnyMiro now to mirror your iPad screen to PC easily and freely.

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