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How to Use AppTrans

Welcome to AppTrans Online Guide. Here you can find all detailed tutorials about how to transfer apps and app data from iPhone/iPad to computer, including M1 Mac, download apps from App Store and restore apps and app data to iOS devices. If you still have questions after reading this guide, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team, and you will receive reply within 24 hours.

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Get Started

Learn the basics and settings of AppTrans. Then, please refer to the following guide to facilitate your AppTrans use.

Supported Systems

macOS macOS 10.11 and above
iOS iOS 7 and later


After launching AppTrans on your computer, you will see the main interface as below. Please simply choose the function based on your need.

The Home Screen of AppTrans

The Home Screen of AppTrans


You can check for updates or send feedback to support team in menu bar.

The Menu Bar of AppTrans

The Menu Bar of AppTrans


AppTrans will detect your device automatically once you connect your device to computer with the USB cable. After your device is detected, the following interface will display:

Connect Your Device to AppTrans

Connect Your Device to AppTrans

If AppTrans is unable to detect your iOS device, please refer to this post to solve this issue.