10 Ways to Fix iPad Keyboard Not Working

When the keyboard on your iPad stops working, it simply means you can’t connect or share info with your contacts via text. Though this can be frustrating, you can fix it from the comfort of your home without damaging your device. This post will demonstrate the 10 ways to fix iPad keyboard not working issues, kindly check and apply the solution.

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Hello, My iPad smart keyboard has been malfunctioning lately. It fails to respond to touch each time I try typing a text. I’ve browsed the internet for the best solution but none of the suggestions have yielded positive results. How do I fix the iPad keyboard not working? Please, help me with the appropriate solutions. 

Apple smart phones have one of the best smart keyboards. The keyboards are nicely designed with smooth touch and other incredible functionalities. But recently, some end-users have discovered a number of issues with it. The majority report that the smart keyboard on their iPad isn’t responsive to touch each time they type a text. Other reports show that the iPad smart keyboard fails to connect or doesn’t work at all.   

Regardless of how the issue occurred, you can still fix the iPad keyboard not working on your device. Our team in conjunction with other iOS experts have researched the best way to repair your iPad smart keyboard so you can enjoy your keyboard to the fullest. Keep reading, as we discuss the 10 simple techniques to fix iPad keyboard not working issues. 

Why iPad Keyboard Not Working?

Apple smart devices, including iPad are well designed with all the features in proper order. So when you experience keyboard not working issues, it could likely be for the following reasons: 

  • Hardware Issues

Broken screen, damaged flex, and unresponsive touchpad are all hardware issues that can cause your iPad smart keyboard to stop working. In this scenario, you have to visit a nearby Apple store to relay your complaint so you can get the best solution. 

  • Software/System Issues

Do you run your iPhone on an outdated operating system or a beta version OS? If so, it is very much possible you experience iPad keyboard not working issues on your device. The best thing to do to fix your iPad is to install the most recent iOS. Better yet, you can fix your firmware package using a third-party software which will be introduced in the next section of this post. 

How to Fix iPad Keyboard Not Working

1. Make Sure Your iPad Model Is Compatible

As confirmed by Apple, the smart keyboard function is only available on specific iPad models. Some of them include: 

  • iPad (7th generation)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 inches (1st and 2nd generation)
  • iPad Pro 7.9 inches

If your iPad model doesn’t correspond/tally with the ones above, then smart keyboard won’t work. To check your iPad model, kindly follow the instructions below: 

  • Open Settings on your iPad by tapping the gear icon. 
  • Swipe down and tap General > About
  • Now, another screen with your iPad model will automatically come up. Here’s a visual representation of this instruction: 

2. Check Software Update

Checking for software updates is another handy solution to resolve iPad keyboard not working issues. With this solution, you can easily clear the bugs/temporary glitches distorting the operations of your keypad and also bring in the latest features that come with the update. 

Here’s how to check and update your iPad to the most recent iPadOS: 

  • Grab your iPad and head to the Settings menu by tapping the gear icon. 
  • Select General and hit the Software Update button. 
  • Ensure your iPad is connected to a reliable data source, either WiFi or cellular data. Once confirmed, wait patiently for your iPad to search the Apple database for the latest iPadOS. In case there’s one, you will get a download link. 
  • Click Download and Install
Use Software Update

Use Software Update

3. Check the Keyboard Connection Port

Are you using an external keyboard with your iPad and experiencing iPad keyboard not working issues? There’s a possibility that the keyboard connection port is faulty or has some strange objects, like dust, debris and more, in it. All you have to do in this scenario is to disconnect the keyboard from your iPad and check the ports for strange objects. Should you find any, please remove and clean the ports. 

4. Disconnect and Reconnect the Keyboard

If your iPad keyboard still fails to work after applying the solutions above, you should try disconnecting, cleaning, and reconnecting the external keyboard again. This solution should help resolve the issue, so your smart keyboard can start functioning well in no time. 

5. Using iPad Repair Tool

Are you still faced with iPad not working issues after implementing the solutions above? AnyFix iPad repair tool is what you need to bring your device back to normal. With this software, you can quickly fix any system related issues that’s causing your iPad to malfunction. 

AnyFix handles more than 40+ iPad problems that you may come across on your device, from iPad/iPhone stuck on bootloop screen, to the green lines of death, frozen screen, and more. It’s also suitable for resolving iPad keyboard not working issues. 

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Free download, install, and run AnyFix on your computer. From the home page window, select System Repair.

Tap on System Repair

Tap on System Repair

Step 2. Connect the iPhone to your computer and select the 50+ iPhone Problems from the program window. Then click on the Start Now button to proceed.

Choose the 50+ iPhone Problem to Fix System Issue

Choose the 50+ iPhone Problem to Fix System Issue

Step 3. Choose the Standard Repair option from the program window and follow the screen instructions to put your iPad into recovery mode.

Choose Standard Repair in System Repair

Choose Standard Repair in System Repair

Step 4. Confirm the device information and click on the Download button to download the device firmware package.

Download the Firmware

Download the Firmware

Step 5. Click on the Fix Now button to start the repair process. Wait till the process finishes and make sure that the device stays connected to your computer.

System Repair Completed

System Repair Completed

6. Restart iPad

Another stress free solution to fix iPad keyboard not working on your device is a simple restart. When you reboot your iPad, the system automatically refreshes. All the glitches and bugs that are causing the device to malfunction are immediately cleared when you do this. 

iPad restart is a very simple solution to execute. Follow these instructions to do this: 

  • Open Settings on your device and hit the General icon. 
  • Swipe down the next screen displayed and choose Shut Down to put off the iPad. 
  • Exercise patience a bit, then hold down the right buttons to turn your iPad ON. 
Restart Your iPad

Restart Your iPad

7. Resetting the Keyboard

Still experiencing keyboard not working issues on your iPad after restarting it? Then it’s time to reset your keyboard default mode. We suggest this solution since alteration in keyboard settings can cause the mentioned problem. 

Just before discussing the procedure to follow, keyboard reset clears all the adjustments you’ve made on your device in the past. If you don’t mind losing these changes, follow the steps below to reset your iPad keyboard: 

  • Hit the gear icon on your iPad home screen to launch the Settings panel. 
  • Click on the General tab to open the screen.
  • Head down the next interface and select Transfer or Reset iPad > Reset
  • Now tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary and provide the appropriate security code when the prompt pops up. 
Reset the Keyboard Dictionary

Reset the Keyboard Dictionary

8. Delete Additional Keyboard

Sometimes third-party keyboards can cause your iPad keyboard to malfunction. Installed keyboards can interfere with the operations of the built-in keyboard you have on your iPad. Deleting the additional keyboard is the only way forward to fix this. 

You can use the instructional guide given down here to delete all third-party keyboards on your iPad right away:  

  • In the Settings panel on your iPad, click on General
  • Tap on Keyboard and select Keyboard again. 
  • Click on the blue Edit button at the upper right corner of your screen and tap the red circular icon next to each of the installed keyboards to delete it from your iPad.  

9. Factory Reset iPad

Factory reset is another easy peasy solution you can use to resolve iPad keyboard not working on your device. With this solution, you can easily clear wrong settings you’ve made in the past plus delete conflicting apps that are causing your iPad to misbehave. 

This solution helps you return your iPad to default mode for proper operation. To reset your iPad to factory/default settings, apply the steps below:  

  • Click on the General tab when you launch the Settings panel on your iPad. 
  • Head down the next screen, and tap on Transfer & Reset iPad
  • Click Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to return your iPad to factory settings. In case you are asked to enter your iPad passcode, kindly enter the right one to reset it.
Reset iPad to Factory Settings

Reset iPad to Factory Settings

10. Contact Apple Support

If your iPad keyboard still doesn’t work after implementing the aforementioned solutions, then the issue is a complicated one. There’s nothing you can do than visit the nearest Apple store around you to seek a solution. 

Final Words 

With the solutions above, you can conveniently fix your iPad smart keyboard to start working. We have 9 basic solutions and the ultimate one- AnyFix. Our best bet is the one involving AnyFix. The  software helps you clear iPad keyboard not working without damaging the system. Download, install and try it out. It’s worth your investment. 

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