PhoneRescue(Android) Online Review

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User Testimonials

PhoneRescue is an awesome app I’ve used till now! It helps me recover lost messages directly to my smartphone.


Thanks to PhoneRescue, I can regain my lost photos on my Samsung S7. Recommend!


It’s the only program I’ve used till now that can recover messages, contacts, call logs, etc., directly to a smartphone or tablet.

--- Alex Wood

Easy UI and simple operations. Cool to recover lost data on smartphones.

--- Lisbon lover

Authoritative Comments

  • "You won't find other data recovery software that will restore things like messages, contacts, WhatsApp conversations, and the like directly to your phone so that you can use them like normal." -  Jacob Long 

    "PhoneRescue can help you recover lost data that you may have accidentally deleted, or that ended up corrupted for any reason, and it does so pretty effortlessly and for a wide variety of phones." -  Justin Diaz

  • "There is no lack of such tools out there on the internet today. But PhoneRescue stands out because of the 13 different kinds of data it can recover, including WhatsApp and Line messages and images." -  Vivek

    "For the fastest recovery success rate and speed, actually PhoneRescue for Android have 5 separate Apps, customizing for Android devices manufactured by different brands – Samsung, HUAWEI, GOOGLE, Sony, HTC. Motorala and LG are coming soon, and more brands will be supported in the near future."

  • "PhoneRescue supports recovery of contacts, call logs, messages, calendar details, photos, music, videos, app documents, WhatsApp attachments and and LINE Messenger data." - Rupesh Sinha

    "Less experienced users or those just wanting a quick-and-easy tool for recovering their phone data will find everything they need here, and the fact that PhoneRescue does its job so quickly makes it a winner." -  Robert Zak

  • "Дальше происходит неожиданная, но приятная вещь. Оказывается, PhoneRescue может попутно рутануть смартфон, то есть дать вам права суперпользователя."

    "Independentemente do nosso smartphone Android ter sido rooteado ou não, o PhoneRescue consegue sempre encontrar dados perdidos e ocultos no dispositivo."-  MÁRIO SOUSA

  • "PhoneRescue is one of the must-haves for all Android users. It requires barely no time to set up and get started with the recovery process. Furthermore, PhoneRescue is offering one of the best recovery rates and speeds."

    "The recovery rate of PhoneRescue is high because of the fact they have different software for a different handset(Samsung, Google etc.). This is a pretty unique thing I found in iMobie’s software when compared to other smartphone data recovery software’s I have reviewed earlier."-  Hemant Mendiratta

  • "iMobie Phone Rescue is an effective software that is convenient to use to extract and recover data, as well as to root the phone and unlock its screen." - Kevin Raposo

    "Пользователь может восстановить сообщения, фотографии, контакты, журналы звонков, заметки, данные сторонних приложений, даже переписки и прикрепленные файлы из WhatsApp и т."

  • "Unlike other applications that run directly on devices, the data recovery tools for Android and iOS PhoneRescue run on the computer (both Windows and MacOS operating system), never altering the internal storage of the device." -  Rubén Velasco

    "PhoneRescue is a powerful software specialized in recovering deleted data in mobile phones that has been running for 3 years. With it you will not have to regret the loss of any files."

  • "PhoneRescue boasts as the best data recovery tool for both iOS and Android users, and digs all the way through your device and restores the most precious files that brings a smile to your face." -  Adity Bera 

    "I am going to share a fantastic software with you, which is capable of recovering your deleted messages, photos, contacts, and everything you need. The name of the software is PhoneRescue. This is one of the best software with the highest recovery rate in the market." -  Chandan 

  • "Losing your photos and other media can be quite common in our day to day hurried lifestyle. Your valuable data is suddenly lost and you are repenting for the mistake committed. That is where a Data Recovery Tool would come to your rescue. One such capable Data Recovery Tool you can give a thought is PhoneRescue from iMobie." -  Ankit 

    "PhoneRescue data recovery will come up with all missing data on your phone including deleted SMS, deleted photos, deleted videos, deleted WhatsApp chat and other deleted information on your phone." -  Adesanmi Franklyn

  • "Phone data loss is a great frustration! Using the PhoneRescue is a great way to recover deleted messages from Android phone at any point in time." -  Nirnala Santhakumar

    "PhoneRescue is a professional data recovery application which enables you to selectively pick what you really want to recover even without a backup. And the good news is that if the text messages are not deleted from iPhone and Android for long, there has a great chance to recover them within minutes and in an efficient manner." -  Alice Jacqueline