Get Back All Your Lost-but-Valued Data and Files

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All Hidden Photos and App Data, Now Come to You

You have more files stored deep in your phone than you are ever aware of. Now PhoneRescue searches every corner in your device storage and brings all the hidden photos, music, videos, and even app data, documents back to light – no root required. Get ready to be wowed by what you'll regain!

Rescue More Photos, And All Other Media Files

Not all media files in your phone are visible. PhoneRescue scans the whole storage of your device, collects every omitted or hidden photo, music, video, etc., and shows them all to you in clear categories. You just feel free to preview and export any file you want to computer with zero quality loss.

Discover Your Buried Data in Apps

Apps keep all the data & files you once enjoyed – the photos you filtered in Instagram, the video clips you edited, the eBooks you once read, etc. Now PhoneRescue navigates each app in your phone and finds out all the related files, even deleted WhatsApp messages. You can then easily recover and extract the data, files and documents that you've completely forgotten for years.


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