Get Back All Your Lost-but-Valued Data and Files

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Get Back Your Essential Data from Careless Deletion

Restore Everything You Valued Straight to Your Phone

First time ever, you can select what matters to you, and restore them directly to your phone for instant reuse. Alternatively, you may also choose to save these items with proper formats to your computer for safe keeping.

See What Lost Data Can Be Recovered on Your Phone

Messages Restore messages to the default Messages app of your phone, just as they used to be before deletion. Or, save them to computer as HTML or TEXT based on your needs.

Contacts Retrieve more than just phone number, but all related details as well, including address, E-mail, and more. Also, you can recover contacts to PC/Mac as CSV or VCF files, which are commonly usable by Outlook, Google, and more desktop applications.

Call Logs Get back all the call logs you mistakenly deleted on your phone, with both phone number and time recovered. If you choose to recover them to computer, then you can export them as either HTML or TEXT file as you want.

Calendar Undelete all events in your Calendar, and keep your schedule well organized again. Or you can restore them to computer in the format of TEXT or CSV.


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