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We know how much time and effort it costs to transfer files from one cloud to another, especially when you need to move tens of gigabytes or even terabytes of data. Now everything gets smarter with AnyTrans. In one simple click, you can migrate all cloud files as their original category structure. Effortlessly, efficiently and completely FREE.


Quickly and safely transfer all files you want from cloud to cloud in one simple click.

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Tap and Done, Just That Simple and Smart

Save all the tedious manual operations for cloud file transfer. AnyTrans lets you move everything you want at one go with one click. You no longer have to sit before computer for a whole day, download files from one cloud drive and re-upload them to another, again and again and again. Just tap a button and AnyTrans will transfer all the files for you, automatically. So you can take a break to enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee, read a good book or keep doing whatever you love.

Move Files, Along with Complete Folder Structure

Whether you intend to move several folders or the whole cloud content, AnyTrans is always up to it in an organized manner. It maintains the original folder structure in the destination cloud drive. That means all your files and folders are well organized in your familiar and preferred way. Whenever you want to access any file from your new cloud drive, you can go straight to it without hesitation, because you know exactly where it lies.

Zero Data Loss Gives You Peace of Mind

It’s frustrating that you thought you’ve moved all content to a new cloud drive, but some important files got lost during transfer and you didn’t know it until you need them someday later. Now you can sit back and relax. AnyTrans makes sure that all the files you select can be safely transferred, without any data loss in the process. They will stay complete and intact in your new cloud drive.

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Transfer your files across cloud drives or between cloud and computer in a better way.

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