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User Testimonials

I was so glad I discovered this app because I often transfer app data after clean-restoring my device (I do it after every major update to improve performance). Previously, I had to perform this tedious process manually using iPhone Backup Extractor and iExplorer, but not anymore!

- itsfree

AnyTrans help convert all incompatible media formats to iOS device format with advanced trans-coding engine. In addition, it also can automatically optimize the video and audio quality to device requirement.

- TnT

iMobie AnyTrans is the very program offering iPhone, iPad and iPod management all in one program. Now you can put music, movies, apps and any other type of entertainment file directly on your Apple devices, including iPhone 5s, iPad air and all Apple iDevices made since the original iPod, iPhone and iPad.

- Edwardson

It's exactly what I need. All the app settings, game progress, scores and more are transferred to my new iPod directly.

- Tim

Great! I transferred all the songs from my iPhone back to computer easily. Much better than iTunes!

- Robin

Authoritative Comments

  • "A file manager for iOS devices that has an integrated downloader supporting 900 sites, including YouTube and Facebook; it'll transfer the videos to the iPhone for you over the USB cable." - Eric Griffith

    "This is the best option if you don't have a copy of the iPhone content on a Mac. You can now sync them with your iPhone without worrying about the tracks being erased from the iPhone and lost." - Lou Hattersley

  • "If you want to transfer more than audio, try AnyTrans. It has an iTunes backup tool and can sync photos and text as well as your music." - Dan Price

    "It operates as a simple but effective two-way syncing station for any iOS device, including providing access to your data and backups stored on iTunes." - Cult Of Mac Team

  • "AnyTrans is a feature rich iOS sync and backup app for both the Mac and Windows PC. One of the things it can do is extract the music from the iOS device and copy it to your computer." - Khamosh Pathak

    "AnyTrans allows for greater flexibility when it comes to two-way file synchronization and far better phone management options." - Mark Wilson

  • "AnyTrans has many applications, and one of them is storing your old messages. You'll be able to access and view your old messages from your computer in .pdf, .txt or .html format." - Emily Ferron

    "AnyTrans is an iOS sync and backup manager, available for Mac or PC. AnyTrans has a streamlined and clean interface that fits the Apple aesthetic, and is similarly easy-to-use." - Mike Peterson

  • "Apart from its fast data transfers, it is also very stable and flaunts a modern minimalist UI that’s easy to navigate. It is a must have iPhone and iPad essential for you." - Kent

    "AnyTrans is definitely a reliable and practical solution if you're looking for a safe and fast way of transferring files between your computer and iOS devices." - Alexandru Chirila

  • "In fact, to call it an 'alternative' is doing grave injustice to the software. It’s much better, simpler, faster and cooler than iTunes in almost every way." - Jignesh Padhiyar

    "All of the main options are clearly laid out, and even those with little computer experience will have no problem manually importing and exporting files." - Softonic Team

  • "iMobie AnyTrans is a file manager for iOS devices that is vastly superior to iTunes in almost every way. It's not exactly an iTunes replacement, but it will handle the majority of the daily file management tasks that iTunes does." - Thomas Boldt

    makeuseof "This nice-to-look-at environment adds up to the program’s functionality, making it both usable by all types of users and comfortable to "play" with." - Francisco Martínez

  • "Wer mit iTunes nie richtig zurechtkam, sollte sich unbedingt mal die iTunes-Alternative AnyTrans ansehen!" - Marco Kratzenberg

    "iMobie AnyTrans 4.0 is an actual ultimate and all in one iOS content manager that will give control over all your stuff." - Vinay Prajapati

  • "Having tested several iTunes alternatives, we can say that AnyTrans 4.0 is one of the best and most applicable software for managing your iPhone's, iPad's or iPod's data." -Aristotelis Lazaridis

    "AnyTrans is all in one solution for transfer and backup all media content such as photos, apps, music, video, messages or contacts between iDevices and your PC, iDevice and iTunes, iDevice to iDevice." - SK Wong

  • "AnyTrans is first of its kind, that brings All in one software to convert and transfer files that is well compatible with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad." - Robin C

    "AnyTrans is built in a way to support all the Apple devices available in the market, plus also is updated constantly so that it works well with all upcoming iDevice."

  • "AnyTrans es un programa disponible tanto para Windows como para Mac que nos permite sincronizar nuestro ordenador con nuestro iPhone/iPad sin usar iTunes." - SantiMA10

    "If you're looking for a safe and fast way of transferring files between your computer and iOS devices, then AnyTrans is definitely a reliable solution for your need." - Ramakanth

  • "AnyTrans is the first app (for PC & Mac) to offer iPhone, iPad and iPod management all in one program and at a great price. "

    "AnyTrans is an excellent file management app that allows you to manage files of all your Apple devices from one location."

  • "AnyTrans can send files directly to iTunes or transfer them between devices, and it can automatically convert media files when you store them on your device."- Frederick Barton

    "With elaborately redesigned user interface and iPhone 7-ready features, AnyTrans 5, an easy-to-use iPhone manager for data management and transfer, makes the transition from old iPhone to iPhone 7 both fast and flexible."-Sylvester

  • "AnyTrans 5 makes the jump from old iPhone to iPhone 7 a breeze."-Vinay Prajapati

    "AnyTrans is the best option for who is looking for iTunes alternatives or manage multiple iPhones from one place. "- Jaysukh patel

  • "AnyTrans is a practical tool for fast and flexible transition from old iPhone to new iPhone; Also, it gives better iPhone management experience."

    "AnyTrans is quite unlike any iOS device manager I’ve ever used. It should be described as the most complete iOS file manager ever."-Don Caprio

  • "I have never experienced a phone manager this well organized. The transfer rate is exceptional!"- Manav Sharma

    "For those who want to simplify storing their media files, accessing an intuitive interface, and streamlining the commands so you can find what you want, when you want, AnyTrans is the perfect solution."- Chris Smith

  • "AnyTrans is quite effective and does the job exactly what the doctor ordered."- Rajeesh Nair

    “AnyTrans is by far my favourite iPhone management software right now, because it can back up my data and let me view it offline and is available for both Windows and Mac.” - Zahra

  • AnyTrans is one of the best iTunes alternatives hands down. If you are looking for iPhone management software for your computer then AnyTrans should be your first choice. - Hemant Mendiratta