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Cloud to Cloud

Flexible Migration Goes Straight and Fast

Cloud Migration Now Made Friendly, Fast, and Free

Switch to a new cloud drive. Back up cloud content to another online storage. Or transfer certain files/folders across clouds. No matter how you need to make cloud migration, AnyTrans always gets you there with ultra ease and efficiency. Save manual effort, skip annoying rigmaroles, and stop endless waiting. With one simple click, you can instantly transfer photos, songs, documents or any files, as many as you want, as quickly as you wish, as complete as you expect, and most importantly, it’s 100% FREE.

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Various Transfer Channels for Your Various Demands

AnyTrans provides multiple transfer channels, elaborately designed to fulfill your specific demands for cloud migration.

  • Move All Content at One Go

    Tired of transferring files one by one manually? AnyTrans migrates the whole cloud content for you at one go. You click one button, and we will then handle all the tedious download and re-upload work. Just make sure you have high-speed Internet and computer CPU for smooth transfer, as well as enough disk space to temporarily store intermediate files.

  • Direct Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer

    Or, get a more straightforward way. Saving all the time cost for downloading and re-uploading, AnyTrans can migrate files directly from cloud to cloud, even with your computer shut down. The whole transfer goes through server-based Offline Channel and does not consume your network or disk space. No more limits from bandwidth or computer conditions.

  • Blazingly Fast, Smartly Scheduled

    For both speedy and smart transfer, pick Premium Channel. It intelligently matches multiple high-performance servers for you, each with 10 high-speed threads to work simultaneously. That ensures incredibly faster cloud-to-cloud transfer. And if you want to make migration later, just set a preferred time and AnyTrans will get it done as scheduled, automatically.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Hands-Free File Transfer

If you are worried about having to waste hours or even days of effort to make cloud migration, now relax. You don’t have to manually download and re-upload files. You don’t have to sit before computer and wait forever. You don’t even have to turn on your computer. Just set a schedule in advance, and AnyTrans will automatically transfer all the files while you are sleeping, on your way to work, or anytime you prefer. And inform you via an email when everything is done.

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Upload and Download

The Highest Possible Online-Local Transfer Speed

Lightning Transfer between Cloud and Computer

AnyTrans seamlessly connects your cloud storage and computer, and brings you lightning fast transfer that you’ve never experienced before. Whether you are uploading files to one or several cloud drives at once, you can always get multiple threads to transfer them concurrently – same for bulk downloading. Thanks to multithreading-transfer technology, AnyTrans enables you to make the most out of your Internet bandwidth and save a huge amount of time for file transfer between cloud and computer.

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Regarding file uploading and downloading, AnyTrans also offers 2 modes for you to choose based on your own needs. Feel free to pick the one that’s right for you.

  • Fast Transfer with Dual Mode

    To let you transfer files more efficiently, AnyTrans implements multithreading-transfer technology and opens 2 threads working for you simultaneously. No matter you are uploading or downloading files from Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive or any online storage, it’s much faster now than you used to do within the cloud itself. Plus, it’s available for FREE.

  • Ultra Speed from Premium Mode

    If you have even higher requirements for speed and efficiency, then you’ll like Premium Mode. It opens 10 or more threads to bulk upload/download files for you, and fully uses your bandwidth and computer CPU to keep all threads as high speed as possible. Now you can enjoy much faster file transfer than Dual Mode and save tons of time with ease.

Privacy Protection

Safe and Secure, 100% Guaranteed

AnyTrans is seriously designed with your privacy in mind. From the very first second you sign in until you finish file transfer, you are fully protected in the whole process with the most advanced and unbreakable security technologies. We always make sure no one but you can access your cloud content. And we never retain any of your data on any of our servers. Your personal information stays absolutely safe, secure, and belongs only to you.

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