iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XR

If you are looking to get the best iPhone model in 2019, look no further than our guide below as it compares the top models of the device to help you decide which one to get. Read on to learn more.

Author Avatar Joy Taylor Last Updated: Apr. 20, 2022
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If you have never purchased an iPhone before and you are now looking to buy one, the first question that will probably hit your mind is which iPhone is the best. With so many iPhone models released and available to purchase, we sometimes get confused as to which one we should go for.

Which iPhone is best value for money 2019

Which iPhone is best value for money 2019

Each of the iPhone models has its own specialty. While some models will give you a larger screen to play with, others will give you a compact feel that you always wanted. It really depends on your requirements but we take a general look at which iPhone is the best value for money in this post today.

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Main Features Comparison

Before start, we’d like to show you the main features of iPhones. With this chart here, you can have a more intuitive view of the detailed information of each iPhone model.

Model Screen Weight Chipset Camera Battery Price 5G Supported
iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5” 226g A13 12MP Ultra Wide 3500mAh $1,099 No
iPhone 11 Pro 5.8” 188g A13 12MP Ultra Wide 3190mAh $999 No
iPhone 11 6.1” 194g A13 12MP Ultra Wide 3110mAh $699 No
iPhone XS 5.8” 177g A12 12MP 2658mAh $999 No
iPhone XS Max 6.5” 208g A12 12MP 3174mAh $1,099 No
iPhone XR 6.1” 194g A12 12MP 2942mAh $749 No

iPhone 11

Let us make it very clear – this version of the iPhone is officially released on 10th September 2019. The most impressive feature of the iPhone 11 is the camera. The new iPhone uses a 12 MP ultra wild camera, which helps users to capture four times more scene. And Night mode is also a new feature that turns on automatically for low‑light photos.

iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro (Max)

iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro (Max)

From the news that everyone has heard, it looks like the iPhone 11 is going to hit the stores on the 20th of September, 2019. As for the features, it will be the first iPhone to have iOS 13 running on it out of the box. It could come with a triple-camera for better image capturing.

On the hardware side, it will have an A13 chipset to provide it the fuel it needs to run. This model will have a really large battery so your phone lasts longer.

It is worth to say that the phone will still run 4G and will not have 5G in it this year.

iPhone XS

The iPhone XS

The iPhone XS

If you want to buy an iPhone right now, you cannot go wrong by choosing the iPhone XS. It is currently the best high-performing phone from the company. It has an appealing design, a 12MP=12MP camera, dual SIM card slots, a Face ID, and comes with multiple storage options. What is worth to mention is that the chipset, graphics, and processor of iPhone XS is the same as the iPhone 11.

It may not have all the features that the iPhone 11 would likely come packed with but it has all the bells and whistles you need right now.

iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max is the big brother of the iPhone XS and it boasts a massive 6.5-inch screen to help you view your content. The camera on this model has got a lot of improvements and it now captures great quality photos.

It also has a long-lasting battery life so you do not run out of memory when you are out and about taking videos and photos on the device. For user authentication, it also comes with Face ID so you can unlock your device using your face.

While the iPhone XS Max is one of the best offerings from Apple, there are some users who will not like it for some reason. One of these reasons is that the phone is quite bulky. Since it sports a large screen and an equally large battery, it sometimes becomes too heavy to carry with yourself. Other than that, it is a great phone to buy.

iPhone XR

The iPhone XR

The iPhone XR

iPhone XR may not be a popular iPhone model but it comes packed with all the great features you expect from Apple’s phones. This specific model has almost the same features as the iPhone XS but the price is really affordable.

On the battery side, it has a large battery so you do not need to worry about it running out when you are playing your favorite games on your device. It has a good camera if taking photos is what you do a lot.

The only thing where it falls short is fast charging as it does not come with a fast charger. If you do not mind your iPhone XR taking time to get charged, this one is a really great phone to buy considering its inexpensive price tag.

The Bottom Line

So that was our quick look at some of the best iPhone models that Apple has ever manufactured. We hope the guide provides you with enough information for you to then decide the model you would like to purchase.

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