Amazon Echo Keeps Losing Connection? Here Are All Possible Solutions

Echo keeps losing connection when using it? Want to know how to fix the issue? This is a complete guide to troubleshoot all connectivity issues with Amazon Echo, like the most frequent one – Amazon Echo keeps losing connection.

iMobie Last Updated: Apr. 20, 2020

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Did the Amazon Echo suddenly laugh creep you out? Hahaha, absolutely for me. But anyway Amazon has been working hard to make Echo more and more mature. More new and funny features have been added, and more third-party devices have been integrated. Echo is becoming more and more helpful with our lives.

However, this does not mean Echo is bugless. Recently, users have complained that their Echo always cutting out. When you ask or speak to Echo, it will answer you with some words missing; or more seriously, Echo keeps losing connection for a while.

But there is no need to worry about this issue. We have collected all possible solutions to help you with Echo connectivity issue. Check them now.

Amazon Echo Keeps Losing Connection

Amazon Echo Keeps Losing Connection

Method 1. Restart Amazon Echo

Rebooting way always is the first method for various device problems, and Echo is not the exception, either. So restart the device along with the network hardware. You can turn off the connections, the router, the internet modem, and other devices to solve these intermittent issues. Follow these steps below:

Step 1. Turn off the modem and your router.

Step 2. Wait for some time, approximately 30 seconds, and turn on the modem.

Step 3. Let it restart, and you can now turn on the router.

Step 4. After it restarts, unplug the power adapter from amazon echo.

Step 5. Put it back after three seconds.

Method 2. Change the Location of Echo

Sometimes Echo keeping disconnecting possibly is related to its places. So please make sure that you have put it in the right locations.

  1. Place Amazon echo at the optimal position. That is 8 inches above from floor and 8 inches away from the wall and windows.
  2. Make sure of Amazon echo near witless modem/Router.

Method 3. Switch to 5Ghz

Since Amazon Echo only runs on the wireless network in the dual bank having the frequency range of 2.5Ghz to 5.0Ghz. Anything above and below this frequency range is not supported by Amazon.

Method 4. Turn off the VPN

If you are using any proxy and VPN services then you need to close them as they can block the network from disconnecting with Amazon Echo.

The Bottom Line

And now you have a total understanding of how to fix the issue of Amazon Echo keeps losing connection. Surely, if you find that this post is truly helpful, please share it with others; And if you have another method for this question, you can also share it in the comments below.


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