What is Reduce White Point in iPhone and How to Use it

If you are interested in Reduce White Point function, this guide will give you some information. After reading this guide, you will know what is Reduce White Point in iOS and the way to enable/disable it.

Author Avatar Joy Taylor Last Updated: Dec. 31, 2021

Every major iOS upgrade always brings a lot of new cool features & improvements to users and that is why users are always eager to upgrade to the latest iOS. In this fall, iOS 15 has been released. Today, we will talk about one improved iOS setting called Reduce White Point. Let’s first have a brief introduction about this function and then see how to use it.

What is Reduce White Point

The Reduce White Point was first released with the previous iOS. You can access it in Accessibility. Many users do not know this setting until others mention it. So what is Reduce White Point?

You may have noticed that at first, you may be fond of the bright colors of your iPhone/iPad screen, but after some time, it may cause eye strain and you will feel uncomfortable. And the Reduce White Point can help with that. It will reduce the intensity of bright colors to make the screen insipid. In this way, it will become easier for your eyes.

When you turn on Reduce While Point on iOS devices, the screen will turn pale, so you may wonder: Does it also can save battery life? The answer is No. It just reduces the uncomfortable glare of white colors, which means it doesn’t reduce the brightness of the display. If you want to learn some tips to extend battery life, you can refer to this guide: Top 16 Tips to Save Battery on iPhone/iPad >

How to Use Reduce White Point

Step 1. Go to Settings app > Tap on General.

Step 2. Tap on Accessibility > Choose Display Accommodations. (For iOS 9 and the previous version, tap on Increase Contrast)

Step 3. Turn Reduce White Point on/off. You can also adjust it by dragging the button.

Reduce White Point on iPhone iPad in iPhone

Reduce White Point on iPhone iPad in iPhone

Reduce White Point on iPhone iPad in iPhone

The Bottom Line

Hope this guide can help you fix some iPhone Reduce White Point-related questions. If you think this guide is helpful, please share it to help more people. And now have a free try on AnyTrans, it will not let you down.

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