How To Send and Receive Android Messages on Mac

Do you know that you can actually send and receive Android messages on Mac in spite of the difference in operating system? If not, you can learn how to here in this post. Here we introduce four ways to preview your Android messages on Mac.

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Hi, some time ago, I was using an iPhone and Mac. Accessing text messages, photos, videos and other data was pretty easy, since I can use the same Apple ID on both devices. However, unfortunately, I replaced the mobile device with Android, and can’t access the text messages on Mac. How can I send and receive Android messages on Mac? Kindly help out! 

Owning an Android smartphone and an Apple computer can sometimes be an issue, especially when you need to exchange files. This is because of the incompatibility issues, as both devices operate on different operating systems.

While this is a major problem, Apple has taken a bold step to make adjustments to its OS, such that it can connect or integrate with other devices including Android smoothly. If you are having problems with sending or receiving Android messages on Mac, then you can apply any of the solutions given in this post. Read on.

Send and Receive Android Messages on Mac

Method 1. Via Google Message

Google Message is a proprietary service of Google, that allows you to share or view Android messages on Mac with minimal stress. This online messaging service lets you send and reply messages right from the comfort of your home. It supports both MMS, SMS, and RCS.

One amazing thing about Google Message is the free service it offers to users on the mobile version. This program isn’t limited to Android and Mac, it also works for iOS and Windows.

Using Google Message to send or receive Android messages on Mac is simple. Find below the guide to do this:

  1. Get a stable data network, whether WiFi or cellular network.
  2. Install Google Message from PlayStore, then launch so you can send and receive Android messages on Mac.
  3. Next, open a web browser on your Mac computer and head to the official webpage for Google Messages using the appropriate link.
  4. Now grab your Android phone and click on the three vertical dots appearing on your screen. Select Messages for Web, then scan the QR Code on your Mac screen.
  5. A connection will be established between both devices after completing the step above, and all the messages on your Android device will sync to Mac automatically.
  6. You can now use your Mac computer to send or reply to Android messages.
Open Google Messages Web

Open Google Messages Web


Even though Google Message offers a simple way to share your Android messages on Mac screen, it does have its drawbacks. Here are some of them:

  • Failure in connection while scanning QR Code.
  •  It’s limited to text messaging only. You cannot use it to host calls, or video chats.

Method 2. Via Airtext

Airtext is a powerful tool designed to help you stay in contact with your contact while on air. It also comes in handy when you need to view or respond to Android messages on Mac. Its an incredible technology that allows your connect Android to Mac, so as to send or receive vital info, which could be via mail, or text messages. With this tool, you can also connect via phone call while on air.

To send or receive Android messages on Mac via Airtext, here’s the instructional guide to follow:

  1. Firstly, you have to install Airtext on your Android (via Google Play Store).
  2. Create or sign in to your Airtext profile
  3. Now proceed to install Airtext on your Mac, launch it, and log in with your details. Ensure the details are the same as what you have on your Android phone.
  4. All Android messages will come up on your screen after you’ve successfully logged in.
View Android Message on Mac via Airtext

View Android Message on Mac via Airtext

Method 3. SyncMate Expert

Another great tool you can use to send, and receive your Android messages to Mac is SynMate Expert. This program offers an enabling environment that allows users to sync data from Android to Mac without restrictions.

There’s no need to clone while using this tool, just transfer or migrate the required data from the appropriate source device (Android), and wait a while for it to appear on your target device (Mac). SyncMate Expert supports several data types, such as contacts, music, videos, photos, Calendar, messages, and more. It’s one of the best data migration tools for Android and Mac.

Check the stepwise guide down here to send or receive Android messages on Mac:

  1. Get the SyncMate Expert software installed on your Mac computer via the official website.
  2. Launch SyncMate Expert, and follow the on screen guide to complete the installation. After that, click Add New on the left sidebar, then select Android on the interface that follows.
  3. Next, choose your preferred mode of connection, which could be USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi.
  4. After that, establish a connection, and click on the corresponding icons to grant SyncMate Expert access to your phone.
  5. Now an interface with several plugins (data) that you can sync between Android and Mac will come up. Select Message, and hit the Done button.
  6. On the next screen, check the Autosync, and select Sync when the other side is available every 10 minutes.
  7. Lastly, hit the Apply button to start syncing. Wait until that is finished, then disconnect your phone from the Mac computer.
View Android Message on Mac via SyncMate Expert

View Android Message on Mac via SyncMate Expert


  • SyncMate Expert takes time to migrate data from Android to Mac, regardless of the size.
  • You need a strong internet network to link your Android phone to Mac via WiFi.
  • Bluetooth connectivity usually fail, even when in close proximity.

How To View Android Messages on Mac

The easiest and quickest way to view Android messages on your Mac computer requires a professional data transfer tool. You may come across several tools that offer similar services, however, not all user friendly. However, you can try out DroidKit– the #1 data migration software suitable for exchanging data between your Android and Mac computer system.

DroidKit is well-packed with mind blowing features that you need to transfer messages from Android to Mac for viewing. This software isn’t limited to helping you view Android messages on Mac. End users can also use it for data recovery, system fixing, and more.

DroidKit – View Android Messages on Mac

  • You can preview/select the messages you want to view as you need.
  • Transfer messages from Android to Mac or PC totally and selectively.
  • 100% Safe. All the data is encrypted throughout the process.
  • Supports almost all Android models and the latest Android 12/11.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download* 100% Clean & Safe

1. Connect your Android phone to computer

Free download DroidKit and launch it on your computer > Choose the Data Manager function and connect your Android phone to your computer.

Choose Data Manager

Choose Data Manager

2. Choose the Messages

Tap on the Export Content option > Chooses Messages.

Choose Export Content

Choose Export Content

3. View text messages and transfer them to Mac

Now, DroidKit scans all messages on your phone, then you can preview and choose the messages that you want to transfer > Click on the To PC button.

Archive Text Messages on Samsung

Archive Text Messages on Samsung

Just wait for a moment, when the transferring process is completed you will see the interface below.

Data Transfer Complete

Data Transfer Complete


Here are some popular queries, and answers related to how to send and receive Android messages on Mac, kindly read through to gather more knowledge:

Why are my Android messages not appearing on Mac? 

Your Android SMS messages won’t appear on Mac since both devices are running on different operating systems. You need a third-party tool to get this done. We’ve introduced some quality tools you can rely on to help you view Android messages on Mac. Kindly install and use

How do I get my phone messages on Mac? 

Getting your phone messages on Mac is easy, especially when you have an iPhone. Both iPhone and Mac are Apple devices, running on similar OS. You can simply load your iPhone messages on Mac by signing in the same Apple ID on both devices.

However, if messages fails to appear, then use the guide below:

  • Go to Settings and click on Messages.
  • Hit the Text Message Forwarding icon to proceed.
  • Next, kindly turn on Mac from the list of available devices, and enter 2FA if required.

If you own an Android device, then you can apply any of the troubleshooting techniques above.

Is it possible to receive messages from Android on iMessages?

No, you can’t! There’s no way you can receive messages from Android on iMessage. The reason being that iMessage is the native messaging app for Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad and Mac. It doesn’t integrate with Android phones, so you cannot establish a connection between them.

Final Words

We’ve successfully provided several techniques to send and receive Android messages on Mac. You don’t have to always check your Android phone before responding to text messages while on Mac.

All techniques are simple to implement, however, DroidKit offers the best result. It helps you view all Android messages, and migrate selectively without hassles.

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