How to Unlock an Android Tablet with/without Password

Are you trying hard to unlock your tablet but not able to? If yes, then we are here with some practical tips to help you learn how to unlock a tablet with or without a password! So, let’s make unlocking a tablet with/without a password an easy and hassle-free process like never before!

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Android tablets are an excellent device that boasts plenty of features like calling, gaming, taking pictures, and much more. But what if your Android tablet is locked? When an Android tablet is locked, you can easily unlock it by entering the password, but there are times when you forget the password. In such a case, how to unlock an android tablet without a password seems to be impossible or highly tough to do. However, there are some easy options available that will help you unlock your Android device even if you have forgotten the pattern, password, etc.

Unlock an Android Tablet

Unlock an Android Tablet

So, in this article, we will cover the most effective solutions on how to unlock a tablet if you forgot your password! Whether your tablet is locked with a password, PIN, pattern, or fingerprint, these solutions will work flawlessly!

How to Unlock a Tablet?

While setting a lock for your Android tablet, you generally have 3 options to lock that involve password, PIN, or pattern. So, “how to unlock android tablet” is not a wondering situation if you know the correct password, PIN, or pattern.

For unlocking an Android tablet with the correct PIN, password, or pattern, you simply need to open the tablet and enter the password or pin. In contrast, if you have set the pattern, you simply need to draw the pattern by connecting the dots, and your Android tablet will be unlocked instantly!

This was all about how to unlock a tablet when the password is known! Now, let’s have a look at how do you unlock your tablet if you forgot your password!

How to Unlock Tablet without Password?

Unlocking an Android tablet without a password might seem to be quite challenging, but with the right tools in hand; it is not that tough as it sounds! So, here’s the list of the top 4 methods that you can use to unlock the tablet when you have forgotten the password.

Method 1. Unlock a Tablet via Android Unlocker

DroidKit is an excellent Android Unlocker tool that will help you unlock your Android phone or Android tablet without password! With excellent features and high compatibility. As one of the most recommended tools when it comes to unlocking a device, this tool supports removing a handful of password types that involve PINs, patterns, fingerprints, digital numbers, face ID, etc. from your iPad. Using DroidKit, you can quickly remove the password and get access to your Android tablet within a few steps.

DroidKit – Remove Forgotten Android Screen Lock

  • Unlock Android tablet if you forgot your password, PIN, pattern, etc.
  • Remove screen lock from Android without root or factory reset.
  • Deep recovery data after Android lock screen removal.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Install and run the DroidKit tool on your PC and go to “Unlock Screen” mode on the main interface to begin the unlocking process.

Choose Unlock Screen Function

Choose Unlock Screen Function

Step 2. On the “Unlock Screen” page, read all the notes carefully and click on the “Start” button after connecting your Android tablet via a USB cable.

Connect your Locked Phone

Connect your Locked Phone

Step 3. Now, follow the on-screen instructions carefully to put your tablet into recovery mode. This will wipe the cache patterns on your tablet, and within few minutes, the Android tablet screen lock will be disappeared automatically.

DroidKit is Removing Screen Lock

DroidKit is Removing Screen Lock

Step 4. It was this hassle-free and straightforward to remove passwords from your Android tablet with the DroidKit tool!

Lock Screen Removal Completed

Lock Screen Removal Completed

Method 2.  Unlock a Tablet via Google Account

Your Google Account is not only responsible for sending and receiving mails, but you can even unlock your device via your Google Acco unt in case you have forgotten the password. Yes, this might sound strange, but it’s absolutely true!

While entering the password in your Android tablet, you are allowed to draw the wrong pattern at most five times, and when you try entering the wrong password 6th time, you then receive a message that reads like “You have incorrectly drawn your unlock pattern five times. Try again in 30 seconds”. Now, you simply need to follow the below-mentioned steps to unlock your tablet via a Google account.

Unlock a Tablet via Google Account

Unlock a Tablet via Google Account

1. After drawing the wrong pattern five times on your tablet, click on the “Forgot Pattern/Password” option below at the bottom of the lock screen.

2. Now, enter your email ID and password to unlock your tablet, and then hit the “Sign in” button.

3. Here, you will be redirected to a Screen Unlock Settings page. On this page, you can easily reset the screen pattern for your Android tablet.

Once you are able to reset the password, you can now use the new password to unlock your Android tablet.

Method 3. Unlock a Tablet via Factory Reset

If the above method didn’t solve your issue of “how to unlock a tablet,” then you can try fixing it by Factory Resetting your Android tablet. But make sure that this method will delete all your stored files and data on your Android device.

Unlock a Tablet via Factory Reset

Unlock a Tablet via Factory Reset

Here’s how to unlock android tablets via Factory Reset!

1. Long press the “Power” button on your tablet and tap on the “Power OFF” option. This will turn OFF your Android tablet.

2. While the tablet is OFF, hold the “Volume Down” button to boot into Recovery Mode. If this didn’t work, then long-press the “Power Button” and “Volume Down” buttons simultaneously to enter into Recovery Mode. Continue holding the buttons until the “Start” menu appears on the screen.

3. Now, press the “Volume Down” button to highlight the “Recovery Mode” option and press the “Power” button to make a selection.

4. Here, choose the “Wipe data/Factory Reset” option from the list. Use the “Volume Down” button to highlight and the “Power” button to make a selection.

5. Simply click on the “Yes” button to begin the resetting process. This will now delete all the data in your Android tablet.

6. Wait for around 20-30 minutes, and later, your Android device will be unlocked. You will now have to start the new device set up after the reset.

Method 4. Unlock a Tablet via the “Find My Mobile” Online [Samsung Only]

If you are using a Samsung tablet and hunting for “how to unlock the android tablet,” then the “Find My Mobile” online tool can help you unlock your device within a couple of minutes.

Here’s how the Find My Mobile” online tool works to unlock your Samsung tablet!

Unlock a Tablet via Find My Mobile Online

Unlock a Tablet via Find My Mobile Online

1. Open “Google Chrome” on another device or PC and visit the official website of “Find My Mobile.”

2. Now, you need to enter the email ID and password to sign in to your Samsung account.

3. After signing in, tap on the “Unlock My Screen” option available on the left side of the “Find My Mobile” website.

4. Finally, hit the “Unlock” button and wait for your Samsung tablet screen to unlock.

The Bottom Line

It was easy and quick to unlock your Android tablet even if you have forgotten the password. All the above-mentioned methods are safe and reliable, and therefore you can follow them without having a second thought. Moreover, if you ask us, then there’s no better tool than DroidKit to unlock your tablet without a password. With such a great tool, “how to unlock a Samsung tablet when you forgot the password” is no longer a tedious task to do!

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download* 100% Clean & Safe

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