Your Valuables Deserve Careful Management

There are so many important and sensitive personal data on your phone, and AnyDroid takes care of them all. You're provided with a convenient way to browse, edit, transfer and back up contacts, messages, and other info you value. Now you can sit back and relax to know that your connections and personal stuff are well managed and ultra secure.


Browse contacts in a clear list and easily modify details, like name, phone numbers, avatar, email, etc. 1-Click export contacts to the computer for secure backup, or to Outlook or Mac's Contacts App for future use. Or directly move them to another Android phone and stay connected with everyone you care about.


Preview and back up SMS and MMS, along with all attachments, from your Android phone to your computer. Or migrate them straight to another phone, without erasing any existing data on the target device. Whether you want to move all or just certain important messages, it's all about 1 click.

Call Logs

Clearly check all your call logs in a list. Delete any ones you don't want to keep on your phone, so no one will trace whom you've talked to. Back up important call logs to your computer. Also, if you like, you can transfer them to another Android phone in a single click.


View all the calendar events you have and manage them conveniently via a neat UI. Edit existing events for any updates. Add new ones. Delete old ones. Export them to computer for backup. Or transfer important calendars to your new phone, so you'll never miss your schedule.

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