Enjoy A More Productive and Efficient Mobile Life

With tons of apps and files on your phone, it's never easy to manage them. Now, AnyDroid sets you free from the pain, and brings more productivity and efficiency. It lists all apps and files clearly, so you can easily explore and manage them. No matter you want to install or uninstall apps, back up a file to computer, or share it with your colleague, it's just about a couple of clicks.

App Management Now Made Easy

Now, say goodbye to tedious app management work. Everything you want to do can be done with one quick tap or simple drag-and-drop.

Your Files Get Well Organized and Easily Reachable

Spot Your Wanted File in A Flash

To help you better handle your files and quickly find what you need, AnyDroid categorizes different types of files into different folders, like Word, Excel, PDF, Zip, etc. You can browse them by category to easily find your wanted file. Alternatively, just search by keywords to instantly spot the file you are looking for.

  • Browse by Category

  • Search by Keywords

Keep Files Organized and Neat

Your phone is crowded with piles of files you created, received or downloaded. To save you from the chaos, AnyDroid helps you organize files. You can arrange scattered files into folders to keep your phone neat. Export large files with lighting-fast speed and remove unneeded files to release the precious space. AnyDroid even turns a phone into a USB flash drive to store files temporarily, if you need.

  • Arrange Files into Folders
  • Export Files Lightning Fast
  • Turn Phone into USB Flash Drive

# Available in Android App

Share Files in A Quicker Way

AnyDroid also works as a quick file sharing solution. No matter you want to share a document, PDF, Zip file, or other files, it can just fly from your phone straight to the receiver’s phone. No need to waste time and take risk to upload files to a third-party cloud for sharing. Simply install the Android app on two phones, and they’ll communicate directly for phone-to-phone file transfer.

  • Phone-to-Phone Transfer
  • Secure Sharing
  • Quick Sharing
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