More Entertainment with Less Chaos

Photos, music, videos and more media files on your phone keep you entertained. Meanwhile, the gigabytes of files crowding together may throw you into chaos. That's where AnyDroid can help. It lets you conveniently manage media by category to keep neat and quickly transfer them around to build your own media collections. You can now fully enjoy what you love in a pleasant way.

More Free Storage for More Fresh Photos

You like taking photos, but increasing images gradually fill up your phone. AnyDroid easily solves this problem by safely freeing up phone space. With one click, you can export all or selected photos and albums to computer. The transfer speed is lightning fast and images keep original quality. Now, feel free to record your life highlights without fear of storage shortage.

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Instant Photo Sharing with Friends and Family

Your life memories live in photos – the exciting trip with friends, the happy reunion of family, your big smile at birthday party, etc. Now, you can share them with friends and family instantly. Just install the Android app on two phones and they’ll communicate directly to send photos quickly via Wi-Fi. Besides, it’s also easy and fast to share music and videos if you want.

Keep Beautiful Melodies Always Around You

AnyDroid makes it easy to keep yourself surrounded by beautiful melodies, and to keep your music collection rich and clear. Simply drag and drop multiple songs from computer to your phone. Export your music anywhere you want or remove those you don’t want any more. Or, 1 click to move them over to your new phone. Your favorite music can always be easily reached.

Immerse Yourself in Videos Whenever You Want

AnyDroid turns your phone into your personal cinema. It imports videos and smartly converts them into an Android friendly format, so you can enjoy favorite videos on your phone whenever you want. For old videos that you no longer need, just delete them in batches and free up gigabytes of storage for new ones. Want to enjoy videos you shot on phone from the bigger screen of computer or share them with friends? It’s only a tap away.

Master More of Your Entertainment

Apart from photos, music and videos, AnyDroid masters more of your media files to keep you entertained, like ringtones and ebooks. You can back up ringtones in bulk to keep your collections safe. Transfer any ebooks you like to phone and read them on the underground. When changing to a new phone, don't forget to migrate the ebooks that you haven't finished reading. You can then continue from where you stopped.