From iOS to Android, One Seamless Switch

Switching from iOS to Android doesn't have to be a scary or tedious process. Actually, AnyDroid makes it a breeze. With one simple click, you can seamlessly transfer all essential content from iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud to your new Android phone. You'll never worry about the compatibility issues, since every file and data will be automatically converted to an Android friendly format on the fly.

Transfer Everything That's Important

When you move from your iPhone to a new Android phone, all your indispensable items will come along. The photos you shot with iPhone's amazing camera, the contacts of your beloved ones, the messages of great importance, the songs of your favorite artists – just everything you need and love. They'll be ready for you in your new phone.

Wherever It Was, It Goes with You

More than just iPhone, now you can migrate data and files from iPad, iTunes library, iTunes backups, iCloud, and iCloud backups to your new phone. With the complete coverage of Apple products, you can bring everything you want, no matter where it was stored. That makes sure a genuinely seamless switch from iOS system to Android system.

Continue with What You Love on Android Smoothly

To help you get started smoothly on the new Android phone, AnyDroid automatically converts incompatible data & files to Android friendly formats. So you don't have to worry about whether you're able to access your content from a completely different operating system. They're instantly and perfectly available. Now let the fun continue.

iOS to Android Switching, One Tap and Done

AnyDroid makes migration from iOS to Android hassle-free. You don't have to go through painful rigmaroles. One simple tap is enough to migrate all essentials. Or, you can freely select and transfer what you want only. No matter which way you choose, all existing data on your new phone are kept intact and duplicates get skipped automatically.

Enjoy A Secure and Convenient Migration

AnyDroid always takes both safety and convenience into consideration, and comes up with an ideal solution. It enables you to migrate content stably via a USB cable, or instantly via Wi-Fi. Either way, the whole transfer process is protected by the strongest 256-bit encryption, so hackers get no way to steal your data. No one but you can view them.

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