Back Up Apps in A Better Way to Stay Safe

Backups can always keep you safe from disasters of losing important data, like your WhatsApp chats or game saves. Now, no need to back up the whole content on your phone, AppTrans enables you to make backups specifically for apps. You can even select what apps and app data to back up, based on your demands. Every backup is stored locally and will never be deleted or overwritten. So you can keep all versions of apps and all app data if you want, in case you need them someday.

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What Apps and App Data to Back Up? You Decide!

AppTrans grants you 100% freedom to choose what to back up. You can save all the apps and app data if you want to keep a complete backup. Or, choose the one or two apps that you can't bear the loss of, like your favorite game app and the hard-earned progress. If you prefer to back up your WhatsApp chats, documents created or received, or other app data, just do as you want. Feel free to make the backups for your apps and app data based on your specific needs.

1. For iOS: all app data can be backed up, like Minecraft progress, WhatsApp messages and all types of attachments (including photos, videos, audio files, etc.)

2. For Android: all WhatsApp data can be backed up. Data of other apps are currently not available to be backed up. We are working on it now. Stay tuned for good news!

Back Up WhatsApp Locally without Storage Limits

It takes forever to back up WhatsApp to iCloud or Google Drive? Failed to access your backup from iCloud or Google Drive? Not enough free cloud storage to make the backup? Now, you have a better choice. AppTrans lets you back up WhatsApp chats and attachments locally to your computer. It goes a lot faster than cloud backup, and you can get instant access to the backups whenever you need them. Besides, you have the entire computer hard disk, or even an external hard drive, to store each and every backup you create. No more worries about the storage limits.

Your Backups Stay 100% Safe and Secure

AppTrans is designed with the concern for your privacy security. It stores all the backups you create on your own computer. No data transition via the Internet and no cloud service used. So there's no risk of privacy leakage. To better protect your personal data, AppTrans will add the option of making encrypted backup soon. We never stop enhancing the security level to make sure your data are safe, secure, and available only to you.

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Feel free to transfer, back up, and restore your WhatsApp and other apps & app data between iOS and Android devices, seamlessly, securely, and super fast.

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