Preview and Restore What You Need Flexibly

Need to restore lost app data but not sure if the backup has it? Now, you can preview the backup content before restore, no matter it's an iTunes backup, Google Drive WhatsApp backup, or the backup you create with AppTrans. Don't like a full restore that would overwrite everything on your device? Restore just what you lost then. You can even restore a backup of your old Android phone to the new iPhone, or the other way around. No system blocks.

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Higher Chance of Retrieving Your Lost Data

To help you get back lost apps and app data with a higher chance, AppTrans supports restoring 3 types of backups - iTunes backup, Google Drive WhatsApp backup, and the backup made with AppTrans. As long as you have any one of the three types of backups, AppTrans can help you restore what you lost, even if it's an encrypted backup.

Restore or Print What You Need Exactly

With AppTrans, you can restore what you exactly need from the backup, may it be all apps or the ones you want only. Wish to restore apps and data inside, like game progress? Go ahead. Need app data only? Sure. If the app you're restoring is already on your phone with a different version, you can choose to keep the version you want. Apart from restoring to the phone, you can also extract data to the computer, or print WhatsApp chats and attachments, like photos, emojis, etc. Just choose the way that's exactly right for you.

Cross-OS Restore without Restrictions

AppTrans breaks the boundaries between iOS and Android to let you restore app backups without blocks. Now, you can freely restore an Android backup to iPhone, or go in the opposite direction. That means your apps and app data, like WhatsApp chats, are always within your reach, even if you've switched from Android to iOS or vice versa. What's worth noting, AppTrans is the only solution that can restore a Google Drive WhatsApp backup to iPhone.

1. All apps can be restored from iOS/Android backups to any phone, no matter it's running iOS or Android.

2. WhatsApp data can be restored from Android backups to iPhone or from iOS backups to Android devices. The restored chats will be merged with existing conversations. No overwriting of any data.

3. Data of other apps can only be restored from iOS backups to iPhone, and existing data of the same app on the phone will be overwritten by the restored data.

No Risk of Losing Other Data on Your Phone

Unlike the conventional full restore of a backup, restoring apps and app data using AppTrans will not erase any other content on your phone, such as photos, contacts, messages, etc. Besides, if there are WhatsApp conversations on your phone already, the restored chats will be merged into them. Therefore, all the messages, photos, videos, audio files, and other attachments in WhatsApp will be kept safely complete on your current phone.

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Feel free to transfer, back up, and restore your WhatsApp and other apps & app data between iOS and Android devices, seamlessly, securely, and super fast.

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