Take Your Apps & WhatsApp Chats Along to New Phone

If there's something that can ruin the pleasure of getting a new phone, it must be you have to search and download your apps one by one again. AppTrans knows how annoying it is, so it moves all the apps from your old phone directly to the new one, even if across iOS and Android. That's all? Nope! Your valued WhatsApp chats and other app data can be transferred over, too. Simply in a tap.

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Seamless Transfer Between iOS and Android

Would like to switch from an Android phone to iPhone or vice versa, but can't abandon your WhatsApp chats and attachments, like photos, videos, etc.? No need to hesitate now. AppTrans breaks the system boundaries to seamlessly transfer WhatsApp data between iOS and Android phones as you wish. In addition, it can move all your other apps over at one go as well. So you don't have to search the apps one by one manually in the app store to download them again.

Flexible Transfer Meets Different Needs of Yours

With AppTrans, you've got complete control over what to transfer and what not. This makes sure you can move over everything you need, and meanwhile avoid redundant content that you don't need anymore. Specifically, you can transfer every single app from one phone to another, or several apps that are still in use. Also, whether you want to move apps together with their data, or just the apps, or even only transfer the app data, AppTrans can always meet your needs precisely.

1. The entire WhatsApp chat history, including messages, pictures, videos, audio files, etc., can be transferred freely across iPhones and Android phones, no system boundaries.

2. Except WhatsApp, data of other apps are currently available to be transferred from iPhone/iPad to iPhone/iPad only. Our devs are working hard to add support for Android devices. Stay tuned for good news!

Safe Transfer without Losing Current Data

AppTrans knows how much the data on your phone means to you, so it transfers apps without affecting other content on the device. All your precious photos, important contacts, saved messages, and other data will stay intact. No risk of being overwritten or erased. For your most valued WhatsApp data, AppTrans takes one step further. It can merge the conversations from two phones, or even from two different WhatsApp accounts if you need. You'll thus keep the WhatsApp chat history as complete as you wish.

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Feel free to transfer, back up, and restore your WhatsApp and other apps & app data between iOS and Android devices, seamlessly, securely, and super fast.

Free Download For Win & Mac | 100% Clean & Secure

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