How to Fix iPhone Shows Unread Messages But There Are None

“I’ve been seeing the unread messages notification icon on my iPhone 14 Plus. Unfortunately, there’s nothing each time I check the Message app. I don’t know what’s wrong. Please, who has experienced this in the past and knows how to fix it?”

Author Avatar Joy Taylor Last Updated: Mar. 22, 2024

Generally, your iPhone should display a notification icon on the messaging app as a reminder when you have unread text(s). This is to ensure that you can check and read the texts. While doing this, the notification decreases, then vanishes once all the messages have been checked.

However, for certain reasons, your iPhone may still display the notification icon and there’s none. Is this a problem you are faced with at the moment? If so, something is wrong with the app or your iPhone. This post will walk you through why your device shows unread messages but there are none and the best solution to resolve the issue. Stick around and let’s delve in!

Why My iPhone Shows Unread Messages But There Are None?

As earlier stated, when you notice that your iPhone shows the unread messages icon but there are none, then your device or the messaging app has got an issue. We conducted research and discovered one or all of the following are the reasons for the underlying issue on your iPhone:

  • Outdated Messages App

If the messages app on your iPhone is outdated, then you may see the unread messages notifications but none is available. The reason is that the outdated messaging app is filled with bugs which can cause it to glitch and malfunction. Updating the app would help fix the problem.

  • Outdated iOS Version

The iOS is designed to be updated from time to time to improve the functionality of your device. It also helps erase all bugs and glitches that might be responsible for issues such as unresponsive screens, iPhones showing unread messages but there are none, etc.

  • Damaged Firmware 

When the firmware of your iPhone is damaged, the device malfunctions, and one popular issue you may experience is that the iPhone shows unread messages but none is available.

  • Insufficient Storage 

Storage is needed for new messages to come in on your device. If there’s not enough storage space on your device, you may see the undead messages notification icon but there’s nothing to see.

  • Too Many Message Thread

When there are too many message threads on your iPhone, the corresponding app struggles to load. This could be why your device will show unread messages but none are available.

Fix Ghost Text Messages on iPhone in 7 Ways

Now you have the reasons for seeing ghost text messages on your iPhone, let’s explore how to fix it. Below, we have the top 9 ways to fix iPhone shows unread messages but there are none:

1. Repair iPhone System with AnyFix

Since we’ve pointed out that damaged firmware could be the reason why your iPhone shows the ghost message notification icon, it’s best you consider fixing the firmware. The only way you can achieve this is with the help of a reputable iOS system repair tool like AnyFix.

AnyFix iOS system repair solutions rescue your device from complications such as iPad boot loop, white screen, frozen screen, and 150+ more. It’s also great for resolving iPhone shows unread messages but there are none available. You don’t have to worry about your tech proficiency when using this software. AnyFix powers an easy-to-manage user interface that even a newbie in the tech space can navigate.

Key Features

  • 1-click to fix 150+ iOS system-related issues, including black screen, iPhone keeps restarting, ghost messages, and more without data loss.
  • Upgrade or downgrade iOS without iTunes.
  • It seamlessly integrates with all iOS versions and models.
  • Fix iTunes errors, enter/exit recovery mode, etc.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Steps to Fix Ghost Text Messages on iPhone Using AnyFix:

Step 1: Proceed to where you have the System Repair feature and click on Repair Now when the main interface appears.

After that, establish a connection between your faulty iPhone and computer using an appropriate USB cable.

AnyFix System Repair Option

AnyFix System Repair Option

Step 2: The following screen will pop up once the software detects the connection:

Choose Device Bug from the repair options on the left sidebar and hit the Start Now button.

AnyFix System Repair Device Bug

AnyFix System Repair Device Bug

Step 3: Afterwards, AnyFix will direct you to an interface with the different repair modes it supports. Choose Standard Repair mode from the 3 options shown.

Next, go to the bottom of the same screen and hit the Standard Repair button to continue.

AnyFix Standard Repair

AnyFix Standard Repair

Step 4: Once done, the software will display some information about your iPhone on your screen just like below:

Cross-check and click on the Download button to get the firmware to fix the underlying issue.

AnyFix System Repair Firmware Download

AnyFix System Repair Firmware Download

Step 5: Click Start Standard Repair on the subsequent screen after the successful download of the firmware package.

Wait patiently until your device is fully fixed with the downloaded firmware, then disconnect it from the computer.

Repair Is Completed

Repair Is Completed

2. Disallow & Allow Notifications

Deactivating and reactivating notifications for the messages app on your iPhone is another effective solution for resolving the underlying issue. This solution aims to refresh notifications for the messages app so it can function optimally.

You can accomplish this directly via the settings panel on your iPhone. A simple guide to complete this is discussed down here:

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Swipe down and hit the Notifications button.
  • Head down to where you have NOTIFICATION STYLE on the subsequent screen and click on Messages.
  • Next, toggle the slider for Allow Notifications to display white, which signals that you’ve deactivated the feature.

Wait a while, then tap on the slider again to show green. That way, you’ve successfully reactivated notifications for messages on your device.

Allow Notifications on iPhone

Allow Notifications on iPhone

3. Relaunch Message App

Perhaps the Message app on your iPhone is malfunctioning and the underlying issue happens, we suggest that you force quit the app. By force quitting, we mean closing the app, then launching it again. You can follow one of the steps below to do this:

iPhone Face ID

  • Swipe from the bottom of your screen upwards to access all launched apps.
  • Locate the Message app and swipe it up to close it.
  • After a while, click on the Message app on your iPhone to launch it for operation.

iPhone with Home Button

Double-tap the Home button on your iPhone and all the apps you’ve interacted with will come up.

Check and swipe up on the Message app to close it.

Once done, relaunch the Message app.

4. Force Restart iPhone

Force restart is another stress-free troubleshooting solution to fix iPhone shows unread messages but none is there.  With this, you can erase bugs and refresh your RAM so the device starts working perfectly.

Since there are different procedures to follow for the different iPhone models, check and apply the instructional guide that suits the device you own:

iPhone 8/X and Newer Models

  • Long press the Volume Up key, then release it.
  • Move to the Volume Down button and do the same.
  • Next, hold down the Side button until the Apple logo pops up.

iPhone 7 series

Long press the Volume Down and Power buttons together at the same time.

Keep holding both buttons until you find the Apple logo on your display screen.

iPhone 6/5 and Older Models

Hold the Top and Home buttons concurrently until you see the Apple logo pop up, then you can let go.

Force Restart iPhone of Multiple Models

Force Restart iPhone of Multiple Models

5. Reset All iPhone Settings

Sometimes the ghost text message icon popping up on your iPhone could stem from the wrong configuration settings of the corresponding device. If this is the case, it’s time you reset all your phone settings. You can do this with the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Head down the subsequent screen and hit the Transfer or Reset iPhone button.
  • Choose Reset All Settings from the icons on the next screen.
  • Input your iPhone screen passcode afterward to commence the settings reset.
Reset All Settings on iPhone

Reset All Settings on iPhone

6. Update iOS

When your iPhone runs on an older OS, the system malfunctions and shows several issues. From bootloop, white screen and more. Updating the iOS is the appropriate solution to apply in this case. You can get this done with the steps below:

  • Tap on the cogwheel icon on your home screen to launch Settings.
  • Select General to proceed.
  • Click Software Update when the subsequent screen shows up.
  • Hit the Download and Install icon to get the update on your device.

7. Delete All Messages

Clearing some messages from the messaging app is another handy trick to fix the underlying issue on your iPhone. This solution helps you create storage for new or pending messages to come in.

Implementing this solution isn’t tough. Here’s the guide you have to follow:

  • Locate the messaging app on your iPhone and click on it.
  • Hold down on any of the conversations you want to clear from your device, then click on Delete from the options shown.
  • Validate your action by clicking on Delete again.

Before trying this method, it’s better to back up your messages in case no important texts are lost.


Now, resolving iPhone shows unread messages but none is available isn’t a thought task anymore. The post above discussed the top 7 ways you can fix any iPhone model when faced with ghost text message issues, choose and implement the easiest for you. However, of all the solutions, AnyFix is the most preferred. The software handles iOS system-related complications with high accuracy. You should install and try it out for yourself!

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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