Four Common WatchOS Problems and Solutions

Here we have collected the most common problems of the WatchOS. Also, the corresponding yet effective solutions will also be shared in this article.

By Bella Miller | Posted on: Sep. 03, 2019, Last Updated: Sep. 03, 2019

WatchOS 6, introduced at the WWDC 2019, is the newest version of the Apple Watch operating system. Similar to its predecessors, WatchOS 6 offers new features, which include new watch faces, new health features, updated apps, and more importantly, a dedicated App Store.

WatchOS Problems and Solutions

WatchOS Problems and Solutions

Whenever any new update is available to download, the main concern that users have in their mind is “should I update to WatchOS 6”. Isn’t, it right? In this post, you will get to know whether it’s worth to try a new WatchOS 6. Also, if you’ve already installed a new update, and facing problems on your watch, then we’ve also listed several solutions to fix these problems with ease.

Part 1: Common WatchOS 6 Problems and Solutions

If you’ve already installed WatchOS 6 on your Apple Watch, then you could face problems on your watch. Following are common WatchOS 6 problems you could encounter and we have also provided recommended solutions to resolve the problem you’re facing.

1. WatchOS 6 not working

If you’ve updated WatchOS 6 to try all new features available, then you need to first know that Apple mentions in the release note that some features that aren’t working in the beta version. Thus, if something Apple introduced at WWDC 2019 isn’t available, then there is no need to worry.

The following are some common workarounds you can try to fix the “WatchOS 6 not working” problem without much hassle.

Possible Solutions:

2. WatchOS 6 notifications not working

Well, Apple Watch comes handy when you would like to check your important notifications. By default, you get notifications on your iDevice, but you can also check them on your watch that is paired with your iDevice.

Some users reported about “notifications not working” problem after updating their watch to new WatchOS 6. The good news is that there are possible solutions you can try to come out of this specific “WatchOS 6 notifications not working” problem on your Apple Watch.

Possible Solutions:

You can enable “Cover to Mute” option on your iPhone. To do so, click “My Watch>” Find Cover to Mute” option that should be under the “Sounds and Haptics” section. Once turning it off, you will begin receiving notifications on your watch. Now, you can enable the option.

Common WatchOS 6 Problems and Solutions - Enable Cover to Mute

Common WatchOS 6 Problems and Solutions – Enable Cover to Mute

You can also turn off wrist detection. To do so, open “Apple Watch>” My Watch”>” Click on Passcode”>” Click on “Turn off Wrist Detection Option” on your paired iPhone.

Common WatchOS 6 Problems and Solutions - Turn off Wrist Detection Option

Common WatchOS 6 Problems and Solutions – Turn off Wrist Detection Option

3. WatchOS 6 battery life problems

It’s often the situation that after updating to the new version of the WatchOS, some users experience battery-related problems. That’s quite common. Following are some tips you can follow to come out of battery life problems.

Possible Solutions:

4. WatchOS 6 connectivity problems

Even though Apple Watch is quite robust and powerful when it comes to keeping connections, there’s still possibility that you may end up running into a case when your Apple Watch isn’t detecting your iPhone or its cellular network. Following are all possible workarounds you can try to fix WatchOS 6 connectivity problems.

Possible Solutions:

You can also reset your iPhone’s network settings. To do so, click “Settings”>” General”>” Reset”>” Reset Network Settings”.

Common WatchOS 6 Problems and Solutions - Reset Network Settings

Common WatchOS 6 Problems and Solutions – Reset Network Settings

Part 2: Should I Update to WatchOS 6

The new features that WatchOS 6 brings along with it seems like it’s worth to give a shot to a new version of WatchOS. Moreover, the WatchOS 6 beta is also available to download and install on the Apple Watch. However, the thing is that even though betas come with new features, they also include pre-release bugs that can affect the performance and normal use of your Apple Watch, and paired a device. So, the following are the reasons you should not install the WatchOS 6 beta.

So, the following are the reasons you should install the WatchOS 6 beta.

The Bottom Line

That’s all on the common WatchOS 6 problems you could experience after the WatchOS 6 beta update on your Apple Watch. As you can’t downgrade the update and thus, it’s recommended that you shouldn’t install WatchOS 6 beta it unless you have a big reason to do so.

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