How to Restore Calendar on Android Phone

Don’t know how to restore the calendar on an Android phone? Read this post to get the 4 easy methods to retrieve the calendar from Android.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: May. 13, 2021

Google calendar is a very important tool for it records countless birthday reminders, lots of appointments, daily routines, etc. However, you may face Google Calendar not saving events, newly-saved android calendar events disappear, or calendar just missing events sometimes. And losing calendar events on phone could be a nerve-wracking thing because of importance.

Why did my calendar events disappear on the phone? And how do I restore my calendar events? If you have the same questions like that, here you are in the right place. In this guide, we will introduce what happened to your Google Calendar when events missing, and you can get the ways to fix this issue and restore the calendar on an Android phone easily and quickly.

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Why Did My Calendar Events Disappear on Android Phone

Why you got a empty calendar suddenly? Probably, syncing problems is the reason why Google Calendar disappear.

Google Calendar allows users to sync calendar events between phone and computer. If calendar entries missing and events aren’t showing on your Google Calendar app, it may caused by syncing errors. For example, the syncing didn’t open, calendar didn’t syncing correctly because of storage is running out, logging into a different device to sync, etc.

Keep reading the following methods to get the efficient ways on how to restore calendar on your Samsung, LG, or other Android phones.

How to Retrieve Deleted Calendar Events on Android

If you found that calendar events get deleted, you can first try the easiest and quickiest way to retrieve deleted calendar events now. With PhoneRescue for Android, you can preview and retrieve the calendar you want to your Android phone directly and easily.

More importantly, besides calendar, you can also recover messages, photos, contacts, videos, audios, app data, and more. All Android phones are supported, including Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Google phone, LG, etc.

Step 1. Run PhoneRescue for Android.

Download PhoneRescue for Android on your computer, install and launch it.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Scan Calendar Data on Samsung.

Connect your Android Phone with your computer via a USB cable. Here we take Samsung phone as an example. Select Calendar > Click Next on the right > Click Deep Scan to scan your deleted calendar on the Android phone.

Connect Samsung and Check Calendar

Connect Samsung and Check Calendar

Step 3. Retrieve Calendar to Android Phone.

After scanning, you’ll see the list of your deleted calendar events > Choose the one you would like to recover > Click the button at the right corner to rover them to your computer or to your Android phone directly.

Select the Lost Calendar Events and Recover

Select the Lost Calendar Events and Recover

How to Restore Calendar from Google Calendar Trash

Google provides a way to keep your trash for 30 days. This means you can easily find the deleted events back from Google Calendar in 30 days. The above ways are giving you the possibility to recover deleted calendar events over 30 days. But if you are definitely sure your deleted calendar is in the Trash can, you may try this method which can easily and safely restore the calendar.

  1. Go to Google Calendar, and sign in to your Gmail account on the computer.
  2. Now you should tap the My Calendar button on the left panel. Then a menu from the Calendar will show up on the screen.
  3. Select View Trash. The Trash content will be listed and you can just mark the events you need before clicking on the Restore button to restore the calendar.

How Do I Get My Calendar Back on My Phone?

Make Sure the Correct Google Calendar is Synced

  1. Turn on calendar sync: Go to phone Settings app > Click on Acccounts options and click Google > Select Gmail account > Trun on Account Sync.
  2. Confirm the calendar are synced correctly: Go to Google Calendar nad find menu icon > Tap on Settings and choose the calendar you want to sync or click Show More > Make sure Sync is on.

Clear the Calendar app’s Cache and data

  1. Go to Phone Settings app.
  2. Tap on Apps or Apps & Notifications.
  3. Click All App and find Calendar.
  4. Tap Storage > Click Clear data > Click OK to finish.

How to Transfer Google Calendars to Android Device

Well, to get back the calendar on an Android phone, you can try PhoneTrans. PhoneTrans is a professional Android phone data keeper. You can use it to restore data from your Google Account which sure is its highlight feature. All you can do within 3 steps to get back the calendar on your phone.

Step 1. Run PhoneTrans.

Download the latest version of PhoneTrans and install it on your computer. Also, you have to connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable. Now you should click on Phone Restore on the left panel, choose the Google Account, tap Start Transfer to go on.

Choose Google Account on PhoneTrans

Choose Google Account on PhoneTrans

Step 2. Choose Calendar to Retrieve.

Here you will see all the data you own on Google Account have listed on the screen, choose Calendar and tap on Transfer Now to start calendar transfer to Android phone.

Restore Calendar from Google Account

Restore Calendar from Google Account

Seconds later, you will see the calendars have completed the transfer from Google Account to your Android phone. PhoneTrans provides the simplest methods to retrieve the calendar from Google Account to your Android phone within just several clicks. Besides restoring data from backups, PhoneTrans can also support transferring any data you want from phone to phone. It’s quite a genius phone switcher.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how can you fix calendar events missing issue. And it is really easy and no-hassle anymore while retrieving data on Android phones with data calendar restore app – PhoneRescue for Android, which is quite good at data restoration because it already have covered lots of recovery scenarios. Any problems with this post or PhoneRescue for Android, leave your comments below.

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