iPhone CarPlay Not Working After iOS 11/12 Update? Here’s the Fix

iOS 12 or iOS 11 CarPlay not working? This guide will tell you how to fix the iPhone CarPlay bugs quickly. Also applied to iOS 10.

By iMobie | Posted on: Sep. 17, 2018, Last Updated: Oct. 20, 2018
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iOS 12 is on the way for all iPhone users, you may like to know the pros and cons of iOS 12, and whether there are some iOS 12 bugs and issues.

Apple CarPlay is a smart, safer way to use your iPhone while you are driving. You can easily access apps, make phone calls, send and receive messages or listen to music. However, after updating to iOS 11.4.1 or the latest iOS 12, you may find that the CarPlay just not working. You are not the only one meet this annoying iOS 12/11 CarPlay bugs. Don’t worry, here we collect some solutions to help you fix the CarPlay not working issue.

iOS 11 CarPlay Not Working from Twitter

iOS 11 CarPlay Not Working Complaints

How to Fix iOS 12/11 CarPlay Not Working

Tip 1. Restart and force restart your iPhone

First restart your iPhone to have a try, press and hold down the Power button > Drag slide to power off. If it doesn’t work, you can hard reset your iPhone to fix the CarPlay not working in iOS 11 issue.

Fix iPhone X Incoming Call Display Delay by Force Restart

Fix iPhone CarPlay Not Working by Force Restart

For how to restart iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, you can go to this page: Full Guide on How to Restart an iPhone >

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Tip 2. Make sure the cable is compatible

You’d better use the lightning cable that comes with your iPhone or one cable that’s from Apple. Other cables may not work well for your iOS device. And this may make your CarPlay stop working or connecting.

Always Use the Official Apple USB Cable

Always Use the Official Apple USB Cable

Tip 3. Check your Restrictions

If you’ve turned on Restriction for your CarPlay, then you can’t use it. Just check whether you’ve turned on Restriction for it. Open Settings app > Tap General > Restrictions > Enter your passcode > Find CarPlay and turn it off.

How to Enable Restrictions on iPhone - Step 3

How to Enable Restrictions on iPhone – Step 3

Tip 4. Check if you have turned on Siri

You cannot make voice commands without Siri. So if you never turn on Siri, you may not use Siri to control your iPhone Carplay. Go to Settings > Tap Siri & Search > Turn it on.

How to Fix CarPlay Not Working in iOS 12: Turn on the Siri

Fix CarPlay Not Working: Turn on the Siri

Tip 5. Update to the latest iOS

The iPhone requires the latest iOS update in order to sync properly, so make sure that you have the newest iOS version installed. Now the iOS 11.4.1 is released with bug fixes, so you can update your iPhone to have a try.

  1. Connect your iPhone to Cellular data or Wi-Fi.
  2. Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
Data Missing after iOS 11.4.1 Update

Update to  iOS 11.4.1 Update to Fix CarPlay Issue

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The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to fix iOS 12/11 CarPlay not working problem. If you have any new solution, just share with us.


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