How to Fix “FaceTime Not Working on Mac/iPad/iPhone”


Want to know how to fix “FaceTime not working on Mac/iPad/iPhone”? Check this tutorial grabbing ultimate ways to solve them all easily.

August 21th, 2017


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The one-on-one video calling Apple app - FaceTime, enables us to make video calls with another FaceTime user over a Wi-Fi connection, sharing our thoughts and feelings with our friends, and also doing business things easily and helpfully. Most times, FaceTime is relatively straightforward and just works. However, you may still experience problems and discover the error: FaceTime is not working, on Mac, iPhone, iPad. Even though you restart it many times, FaceTime still keeps failing. What an annoying thing. But don’t worry. In the following content, we gather several practical ways to help you with the FaceTime not available issue. Read on.

FaceTime Not Working on Mac/iPad/iPhone

FaceTime Not Working on Mac/iPad/iPhone

How to Fix “FaceTime Not Working on Mac”

1. Turn off and on FaceTime by going to FaceTime > Preferences.

Even FaceTime app is already enabled and you facing same problem or if you see the message ‘’Waiting for Activation’’ then once do turn off FaceTime and then back Turn on.

Now check the issue of FaceTime not working on Mac exists or not? If it does then go to next solution.

2. Make sure that both devices (your Mac and the other party you want to connect with via FaceTime) are connected to the Internet.

3. Check out the phone number or email address being used is the correct one activated for FaceTime.

4. Make confirm that the Date, Time and Time Zone are set correctly. From the Apple Menu top side on Mac Screen > Select System preference > Date & Time > Enable ‘’Set Automatically’’. > Click the Time Zone button and verify the close city is correct.

5. If none of the above solutions fix your problem, you may want to change your Mac’s DNS settings to Google’s open DNS. Here is how: Click System Preferences > Network > Select Network (Wi-Fi) > Advanced > the DNS tab > click the + button to add Google DNS, enter and Click OK then Apply.

How to Fix “FaceTime Not Working on iPad/iPhone”

1. If FaceTime is stuck on connecting, an unstable or poor Wi-Fi connection might be why. You can check the quality of the Wi-Fi connection using a browser on your device or another device to connect to the Wi-Fi. If there is something wrong with Wi-Fi, read the post that contains the fixes to Wi-Fi connection problem.

While if you are using the cellular network, make sure you have set cellular data for FaceTime. Open “Settings” and select “Cellular”. > In “Use Cellular Data For” section, turn on “FaceTime”.

2. Turn on and off FaceTime. Go to “Settings” and choose “FaceTime” > Toggle off the FaceTime > Toggle on FaceTime again > Tap on your Apple ID and choose Sign Out > Then click Use your Apple ID for FaceTime to enter your Apple ID.

3. Check Restrictions. Open “Settings” and go to “General” > Scroll down to choose “Restrictions” > If your Restrictions option is on, make sure the “Camera” option and “FaceTime” option are on in “Allow”.

4. Set Date & Time Automatically. Go to Settings > General > Select “Date & Time” and switch on “Set Automatically”.

5. Restart your iPhone or iPad. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see a slider > Move the slider to shut down your device. > Press and hold Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears to restart your iPhone/iPad.

6. Reset Network Settings. Settings > General > Reset, choose Reset Network Settings. This will take a few minutes.

The Bottom Line

With these solutions, you can totally figure out FaceTime not working on Mac/iPad/iPhone issue. If there is any question about it, or any other practical methods, you can leave your messages in the comments below.

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