How to Use Smartphone as Webcam for Twitch

Are you a live streamer on Twitch and hunting for how to use a phone as a webcam for Twitch? Well, whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone, you can flawlessly turn your phone into a webcam for Twitch with some amazing applications that we have got for you! 

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If you are a live streamer, you might already know that adding a face cam to your stream is one of the excellent ways to create a more engaging bond with your audience and increase the clickthrough rate of your stream. But what if you don’t have a significant budget to spend on a professional webcam?

Well, if you cannot afford to purchase an expensive webcam, you don’t need to worry because you are in luck if you have a Smartphone. Many people usually ask, “can I use my phone as a webcam for Twitch on PS4” and the answer to this question is – Yes, you can flawlessly get an extremely high-quality image right from your phone.

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If you are having an Android phone or iPhone lying around your house, you can add it to your permanent setup. And if you’re confused regarding how to stream on Twitch PS4 with a phone camera, then we are here to help you! This guide will let you learn how to use a phone as a webcam for Twitch with popular webcam applications!

Use Phone as Webcam

Use Phone as Webcam

Use Android Phone as Webcam for Twitch

If you’re an Android device user and want to use your Android phone as a webcam for Twitch, then we are here with a step-by-step guide on how to stream on Twitch PS4 with a phone camera! This process will require you to download a webcam application on your Android device and its client driver on your PC.

Though there are a handful of webcam applications available on the Play Store but not all of them are good for delivering quality results. So, here we will introduce you to how to use the DroidCam application on the Play Store to use your Android Phone as a webcam for Twitch!

Make sure your PC and Android phone is connected to Wi-Fi for better results.

Step 1: Go to the Play Store on your Android device and download DroidCam.

Download DroidCam

Download DroidCam

Step 2: After downloading DroidCam on your Android device, download its client on your PC.

Download DroidCam Client on PC

Download DroidCam Client on PC

Step 3: Open the client and the application and enter your IP Address into the client. Now, wait for a few minutes and allow the app to connect.

Step 4: Once it gets connected, you just have to press the Start button to get it working.

Step 5: Finally, open OBS Studio and right-click Sources > Add > Video Capture Device, then name it. Later, press the Device you will want to choose DroidCam source, and you are done.

It was this easy and quick to use your Android phone as a webcam for Twitch! Now, let’s move ahead and learn an effective way to use iPhone as a webcam for Twitch.

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How to Use iPhone as Webcam for Twitch

Just like an Android phone, using the iPhone as a webcam for Twitch is hassle-free and quick with the right application in hand. So, here’s a series of steps on how to use the iPhone as a webcam for Twitch by using EpocCam.

Step 1: Go to iOS App Store and search for EpocCam. There, you will find two versions of EpocCam, i.e., the free version and paid version named as EpocCam Pro. You can choose any of its versions depending upon your budget and requirement.

Step 2: Install EpocCam software for Windows or Mac, depending upon the type of PC you are using.

Install EpocCam on your Computer

Install EpocCam on your Computer

Step 3: Open EpocCam on your iPhone and open the software you want to use EpocCam in. If you are using OBS, add a new video source and label it whatever you like and under Device, select EpocCam Camera.

Select EpocCam Camera under Device

Select EpocCam Camera under Device

If you’re using the free version, you are just done. Simply set the camera within your scene where you want it to go, and you have completed the whole set up officially. But if you are using the EpocCam Pro version, then there are few more steps that need to be performed.

Step 4: When you buy the paid version, it will default to 480 resolutions. In OBS, go to Properties of your EpocCam and set the resolution to 720 or 1080.

Choose Resolution

Choose Resolution

Step 5: Adding a video source will not automatically activate the mic. So, you need to add a new audio source in OBS and select Microphone.

Select Microphone

Select Microphone

Just like that, your iPhone will work as a webcam for Twitch!

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Tips & Tricks for Webcam Streaming

Live streaming can always be fun and rewarding, but this is possible only if you keep some important tips and tricks in your mind. So, here’s a list of common webcam streaming tips and tricks that will help you run a smooth live stream on Twitch.

  • Always keep your setup simple
  • Have a piece of backup equipment available
  • Ensure bandwidth availability
  • Budget extra time for audio
  • Test your stream with a backup account
  • Double-check automated publishing
  • Look at the camera- not the monitor
  • Be mindful of lighting and live video audio
  • Engage with your audience in real-time


This was all about how to use a phone as a webcam for Twitch! When you are just starting out, some extra equipment can really add up in your setup, but the great news is that you can easily turn your Android phone or iPhone into a webcam to stream on Twitch by following the step-by-step guide above!

So, without wasting much time, look out for the Smartphone lying around your house and turn it into a webcam for Twitch on PS4 in just a couple of minutes. We hope that you’ll indeed find this guide helpful!

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