How to Bypass OnePlus Google Account

With the right tool and guide, you can bypass OnePlus Google Account restrictions conveniently without involving a third party. This post will walk you through the 4 ways to bypass Google FRP on your OnePlus phone.

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Hi there, Recently, I purchased a brand new OnePlus Android smartphone from the store. In order to use the device, I proceeded to set it up by adding all the necessary data and linking my Google Account with it since that’s one of the basic requirements. However, unfortunately, I didn’t take note of the Google Account details connected to it and now I need to restore the device but no way. The OnePlus phone kept requesting Google Account details. Please, how do I bypass Google Account on my OnePlus phone. 

Dealing with Google FRP lock can be challenging, especially when you don’t have the corresponding Google Account details. But do you know that you can reclaim full access to your device conveniently? If not, and you are looking for headway, you’ve made it to the right site. 

In this post, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide that explains the 4 easy and safe ways to bypass OnePlus Google Account. Continue reading as we delve into the guide!

How to Remove/Bypass Google FRP Lock on OnePlus Phone

In this section of this post, we will look at the 3 basic solutions to bypass Google FRP lock on your OnePlus Android smartphone. Check and apply any of the solutions given below: 

1. Bypass OnePlus Google FRP Lock Without PC

Using your OnePlus phone, you can handle Google FRP lock issues without hassles. All you have to do is go to the Settings menu on your phone and play a few tricks on your keyboard, then maneuver your way around the FRP restriction displayed on the device. 

For simplicity, you can apply the step-by-step instruction below to bypass Google FRP on your OnePlus phone via Settings: 

Step 1: Connect your FRP lock OnePlus phone to a nearby WiFi network. Ensure the WiFi has a stable internet connection. Once done, navigate to the Hello screen and click Emergency Call > Emergency Rescue > Add Contact

Go to Emergency Call > Emergency Rescue > Add Contact

Go to Emergency Call > Emergency Rescue > Add Contact

Step 2: Next, a permission prompt will automatically show up on your screen. Select Deny from the options and click on the Go Settings tab. 

Step 3: After completing the aforementioned direction, click on Permission and enter Settings in the search tab. Select the Settings App Info from the options displayed and tap Open to proceed. 

Step 4: Next, you need to enable system shortcuts. To do that, here is the simple pathway to follow: System > Accessibility > Accessibility Menu. On the Accessibility Menu screen, toggle the corresponding icon beside it to activate/turn it on. 

Step 5: Now, click Allow > Got it, then head back to the Settings menu panel and click on Apps and Notifications. Choose See All Apps on the interface that follows. 

Step 6: Finally, proceed to disable Android Setup and Google Play Service on your OnePlus phone from the All Apps page. After that, head back to the Hello screen and take the following path to disable the setup completely: Start > Agree > Skip > Don’t Copy > Ok > Agree

How to Disable Google Play Services 

How to Disable Google Play Services

2. OnePlus FRP Bypass via FRP Bypass APK

Aside from the earlier stated solution, experts also suggest using FRP Bypass APK to fix lost or forgotten Google Account details on your OnePlus. FRP Bypass APK is a well known tool designed to help you reclaim access to your FRP locked Android phone without providing the corresponding Google Account details. 

With FRP Bypass APK, you can quickly manoeuvre your way past the Google FRP restriction you are faced with on your OnePlus Android smartphone. This tool offers a straightforward and effective way to fix FRP lock at no cost. However, you must the following in place: 

  • OTG Cable. 
  • USB Drive, and a PC. 

To use FRP Bypass APK for OnePlus Google restriction, apply the procedures given below: 

Step 1: Go on the official homepage for the FRP Bypass APK tool you want to use, and click on the appropriate buttons to download a suitable version on your PC. Once done, please copy the APK file on a USB Drive.  

Step 2: Grab the Google FRP locked OnePlus phone and connect it to the USB Drive using the OTG cable. Without further ado, file explorer will quickly pop up on your phone. Kindly ensure that you’ve enabled the installation of files from an unknown source on your device, then proceed to download the APK file. 

Step 3: Launch the APK file on the OnePlus phone, then head to the Settings menu screen. Click on the Backup and Reset option on the interface displayed, and select the Factory data reset button to confirm your action. 

FRP Bypass APK

FRP Bypass APK

Step 4: Next, the FRP APK file will commence Google FRP Bypass immediately. Wait for it to finish removing the restriction. After that, your phone will reboot and you can start using it without issues. 


  • There are too many FRP Bypass APK online to select from, so making the right decision can be tough. 
  • The success rate from FRP Bypass APK solution is very low, as it doesn’t fix the problem majority of the times. 

3. Bypass FRP on Any OnePlus Phone by Deactivating FRP

Still battling with FRP lock issues on your OnePlus smartphone after applying the solution above? Then it’s time to deactivate the Google Account that’s linked with your phone. By deactivating the Google account, we mean deleting the profile from Google database. 

Although this solution helps you reclaim control of your OnePlus phone, it’s crucial you note that your data will vanish completely from your system in the process. The best thing to do to avoid data lost in this scenario is to backup your data to an external storage for future recovery. 

In case you’ve backed up your data or don’t mind losing it, here’s the simple guide to follow if you are looking to deactivate the Google Account connected to your OnePlus phone: 

Step 1: Hit the cogwheel icon displayed on your OnePlus home screen to open Settings

Step 2: Swipe down the screen displayed and hit the Accounts button when you find the corresponding tab. 

Step 3: Next, you will be directed to a new screen showing all the Google Accounts linked to your OnePlus phone. Find and click on the Google FRP account and click on Remove Account to unlink it from your phone. 

Once done, a confirmation prompt will come up on your phone. Click Remove account again to get rid of the Google Account from your OnePlus phone immediately.


  • All data synced with the Google profile is automatically cleared from your OnePlus phone. 
  • You must have access to your phone home screen to use this solution. 

How to Remove/Bypass Google FRP Lock on Other Android Phone

Not using OnePlus Android phone but faced with FRP restriction? A third-party Android unlock software like DroidKit is what you need to regain control of your device. Whether you use a Samsung, Xiaomi, or OPPO, this software is your go-to option if you are battling with FRP issues. 

DroidKit is a top-rated Android unlock utility developed for users of all levels, whether newbies or professionals in the tech space. It helps you bypass FRP lock easily and quickly without you having to root your device.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download* 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1: Once you get the latest version of DroidKit, launch it on your computer and select FRP Bypass.

Choose FRP Bypass Mode

Choose FRP Bypass Mode

Step 2: Connect your device to the computer, press the Start button.

Click on Start

Click on Start

Step 3: Now you just need to choose your device’s brand.

Choose Device Brand

Choose Device Brand

Step 4: The configuration file will be prepared for your device. Later, tap on Start to Bypass to continue.

Click Start to Bypass

Click Start to Bypass

Step 5: Select your device’s Android system version. Then, hit the Next button.

Choose System Version

Choose System Version

Step 6: Set up your phone according to the on-screen instructions.

Click Reset

Click Reset

Step 7: After completing the preceding steps, it will begin to circumvent the FRP lock. Finally, the Bypass will be completed, and your device will be restarted.

FRP Bypass Complete

FRP Bypass Complete

FAQs about OnePlus Bypass

Reading through the frequently asked questions and answers below, you can garner more insight about OnePlus FRP bypass. Kindly check them out: 

Q1. What is FRP lock on OnePlus? 

FRP lock on OnePlus is the additional security layer integrated by Google into the device to help restrict prying eyes access to your device. This feature is designed to protect your device from unauthorized access, so no one can restore or reset it, especially in a scenario where it’s stolen. 

Q2. Does factory reset remove Google Account on OnePlus?

Sure, factory reset does remove the Google Account associated with your OnePlus account. However, you must know the Google Account details, as you have to provide it when resetting your device to factory mode. Failure to enter the correct details gets your device locked. 

Final Words

Bypassing FRP lock on your OnePlus Android smartphone just got easier than ever with the comprehensive guide shared in this post. We’ve shared the 3 basic solutions to reclaim access to your OnePlus phone and the ultimate solution to remove FRP restrictions on other Android phones. 

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