How to Fix Kik Images Not Available Issue?

Are you fed up with Kik images not available issue? Fix it now using one of the confirmed methods.

Author Avatar Joy Taylor Last Updated: Jul. 09, 2021

Kik is one of the most popular instant messaging applications, and it’s widely used to share multimedia with friends. If this media-sharing capacity is compromised even for a short time, images may not show. That’s why every user should be able to make pictures display normally or recover Kik images.

Why Is the Kik Image Not Being Displayed?

Before you can find a solution to your problem, you need to find out why you got the Kik image not available message in the first place.

Kik Image Failed to Load

Kik Image Failed to Load

The reasons could be:

  • The selected image is simply too large to display on your device, or corrupted in a way that confuses Kik’s software.
  • The sender has deleted the image on his side of the conversation, effectively preventing Kik from showing it to you.
  • There could be a bug in the system that prevents you from seeing the image.

You should inquire with the sender and try to gather as much data as you can before you start drawing any conclusions about the root cause of the issue. This way, you won’t waste time and nerves wondering what could be behind the failure to show the image.

How to Fix Kik Images Not Available Problem Easily?

After you acquire a solid understanding of why Kik failed to load a full image, you need to try some simple and practical methods that could restore this functionality. Here are a few simple ideas to try when you see the dreaded Kik image not available message on your mobile screen:

Method 1. Tap on the Photo Again to Re-Open It

Just go back and tap on a photo again, and wait a few seconds for the program to respond, and try again if nothing happens.

  • Don’t tap too many times in rapid succession, or you might cause Kik to freeze by giving it too many commands.

Method 2. Shut Down Kik and Restart It Again

Shutting down the app and running it anew is a proven method that can unblock many different software suites, Kik included. This action won’t take very long.

  • Make sure you completely close the app rather than just switch to a different screen.

Method 3. Reset Your Internet Connection

It’s possible that your router or modem is causing the issue. To eliminate this possibility, you need to check your internet connection and reset it if necessary.

Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > WiFi > Reconnect a steady WiFi.

  • This factor is especially relevant when you are using a public network or a mobile hotspot as your means of establishing the connection.
Reset Your Internet Connection

Reset Your Internet Connection

Method 4. Ask Your Contact to Resend the Image

If you are tired of seeing the Kik failed full image please try again message, you might have to go back to square one and ask the friend who sent the photo to repeat this action.

The Bottom Line

It’s no secret that Kik sometimes malfunctions, so you shouldn’t be shocked if you experience the issue described above. Since there are easy ways to save the Kik image, you don’t have to worry about missing out on some visually attractive content.

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