Fix White Screen of Death on Android

If the white screen of death issue has occurred on your Android device, your device has become totally useless. To fix this, you need to follow several methods as there is no direct way to get around this issue. Here we offer some methods for you.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Jan. 07, 2021

Android is one of the finest mobile operating systems. However, it has its own fair share of issues. If you have been using an Android phone for some time, you probably know all of the issues that one can encounter on these devices. One of these issues is your Samsung phone going all-white screen or any other phone for that matter.

When this white screen of death issue occurs, you cannot use your phone as it will not move past the white screen. Luckily, there are fixes to this problem.

Part 1. What is White Screen of Death

Let us make it clear to you what the white screen of death issue is so you can recognize it when it occurs on your phone.

Basically, when this issue occurs, your phone’s screen goes all white. You do not see anything but the white color on your screen. All of your menus and options are gone.

If you come from a Windows computer, you can compare this with the blue screen of death issue that you face on your Windows machine.

How to Fix Android White Screen of Death

How to Fix Android White Screen of Death

Part 2. Reasons for Anroid Phone Showing a White Screen

You cannot really say what is causing the white screen of death issue on your device. However, there are some causes that are common on most phones that experience this problem.

Reason 1. Problematic Android Apps

One of the common reasons for this issue is the apps you have installed on your phone. Not every app is fully compatible or bug-free. When you end up installing an app that has issues with it, the app causes your phone to go all white screen.

That leads to the white screen of death.

Reason 2. Insufficient Free Space on the Phone

It is easy to get your phone’s memory filled up. If your phone is running low on memory, this might be a possible reason you are experiencing the white screen of death problem on your device.

Insufficient storage prevents your phone from storing temporary system files. Without these files, your phone cannot boot-up and so all you see is the white screen and nothing else on your phone.

Reason 3. System Issue

It is possible that there is an issue with the internal system of your Android phone. These internal issues are hard to find and recognize, but these usually have to do with the core system files.

When a system file gets corrupted or becomes unavailable for some reason, your phone can end up being on the white screen.

Reason 4. Physical Damage to the Android Phone

Lastly, it might be that your phone has had physical damage made to it. This usually happens when you end up dropping your phone somewhere, or you put something really heavy on the phone that causes internal damage to the device.

Part 3. Fix Android White Screen of Death

As long as the issue lies with your phone’s system, you can use a method to get around it.

Fix 1. Clear Cache and Data for the Faulty App

If you are aware of the app that is causing the issue, and you can somehow access your phone and get into the settings, you can remove the problematic app’s data and this might fix the issue for you.

Deleting the data and cache will log you out from your account in the app, but this will not delete the actual app.

Step 1. Open the Settings app and tap Apps & notifications.

Step 2. Find and tap on the app that you think is causing the problem.

Step 3. Tap Storage & cache and then tap Clear cache followed by Clear storage.

Clear App Storage

Clear App Storage

Fix 2. Remove the Problematic App

If deleting the cache and data did not fix the issue for you, the other thing you can do is to remove the app altogether. This will remove all your personal preferences saved within the app.

You can always reinstall the app if you have the app’s APK file or if the app is available on the Play Store, in case you really need to do that.

Step 1. Head into the Settings app and select Apps & notifications.

Step 2. Find the app you want to get rid of from your phone.

Step 3. Tap the option that says Uninstall to remove the app.

Uninstall Android Apps

Uninstall Android Apps

Fix 3. Move Your Apps to the Internal Storage

Even though there is an option to move and run your apps from an SD card, you should always try and use your apps from the internal storage. That is because the apps are supposed to run from the phone’s internal memory.

If your apps are moved to your SD card, and you are running them from there, this might be the cause of the white screen of death issue. You can fix this by moving the apps back to the internal storage.

  1. Install the free Move app to SD card app on your phone.
  2. Open the app, tap the menu, and select Move to phone.
  3. Select your apps to move them to your internal memory.

Fix 4. Factory Reset the Android Phone

If your Android phone still shows the white screen of death when you turn it on, it might be time to reset your phone to the factory settings. This will erase all your data, including your problematic files, so you’d better backup your important data before doing that.

It is worth giving this method a shot, and you can do this even when your phone will not boot-up.

Reset the Phone from Settings:

Step 1. Open the Settings app and tap System.

Step 2. Tap Reset options on the screen that follows.

Step 3. Select Erase all data (factory reset).

Factory Reset Android to Exit Safe Mode

Factory Reset Android

Reset the Phone from Recovery Mode:

Step 1. Reboot your phone into recovery mode. The key combination to do this varies by device. On most phones, press Volume Down and Power at the same time to do this.

Step 2. Select the Wipe data/factory reset option.

What Android Recovery Mode Is

Factory Reset Android from Settings

Note: make sure you back up your important data before you reset your device.

Fix 5. Bring the Phone to a Repair Center

Your phone should be fixed now. In case it is not, your last resort is to bring it to a repair shop. You usually need to do this when you cannot resolve a software issue by yourself, or if your phone is physically damaged.

Find a good repair shop around you, bring your phone there, and let the technicians take a look into the issue for you.

The Bottom Line

You might start panicking when you see your phone shows nothing but the white screen. However, this issue is not as difficult to resolve as you might think. Use one of the solutions above and bring your phone back to normal.

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