How to Restore iPad with or without iTunes with Ease

No matter you want to restore iPad through iTunes, or without iTunes, you can find a clear tutorial in this post. Also, a quick and clear tutorial to restore an iPad in clicks is recommended following.

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From photos and videos to messages and apps, people store a lot of stuff on their iPads. But sometimes people need to restore their iPad to factory settings because it is not working properly. In that case, they can end up losing their data. However, they can also restore the iPad data if it is stored in a secure place like iCloud. Today, we will talk about resetting the iPad with iTunes and how to restore iPad without iTunes.  So, let’s not waste any time and dig right in!

How to Restore iPad With iTunes

iTunes is a digital media player and media library by Apple Inc. Apart from storing, organizing, and playing music, you can also iTunes to reset and restore your iPod. Sometimes you have to restore your iPad to resolve some issues like:

If your iPad is facing such problems, then restoring is the best and most convenient solution. Follow this step by step guide to learn how to restore your iPad with iTunes.

Restore iPad with iTunes

Restore iPad with iTunes

Step 1. Connect your iPad to iTunes

Connect your iPad to your PC with the help of lightning to USB cable.

Step 2. Launch iTunes

Open iTunes on your PC and wait for iTunes to detect your iPad. Click on the device icon at the top and select your iPad.

Step 3. Restore iPad To Factory Setting

To restore the iPad with iTunes, go to the Summary tab>Restore iPad. Click on the Restore button (present next to the “Check for Update” button). Once the pop-up message appears, click on “Restore” to confirm. Now, wait for iTunes to restore your iPad to factory version.

Step 4. Restore iPad Backup with iTunes

You can also restore the backup on your iPad with iTunes. For this, go to Summary>Backups>Restore Backup. Select an existing backup and proceed to restore the iPad using iTunes backup.

Step 5. Remove Device

Once the restore process is complete, close iTunes and carefully disconnect your iPad from the PC.

How to Restore iPad Without iTunes

Now you know how to restore an iPad with iTunes. Yet, there are some people who wish to restore an iPad without iTunes. You can also use other platforms to restore your iPad. Here we will discuss two different methods to learn how to restore iPad without iTunes.

Restore iPad Without iTunes using iCloud

iCloud is a cloud storage service by Apple exclusively for Apple users. To restore your iPad using iCloud, make sure you have a backup of your iPad stored on iCloud. If you are restoring your iPad to factory setting, then you need to reset it. Follow these simple steps to restore an iPad without iTunes using iCloud.

Restore iPad without iTunes Using iCloud

Restore iPad without iTunes Using iCloud

Step 1. Check/Create iCloud Backup

First of all, create a backup of your iPad on the cloud if it does not already exist. Open iCloud and go to Settings > Storage > Manage Storage. Here you can view the saved backup. If there is no backup, you can enable the iCloud Backup option from there.

Step 2. Restore iPad To Factory Settings

Now, once the backup is one, go to Settings > General > Reset. Here select the Erase All Content & Settings option. Confirm and wait for the iPad device to be restored with the factory settings.

Note: Your iPad may restart a few times during this step.

Step 3. Restore the Saved Backup

Once your iPad restarts with factory settings, you can restore the backup. Set up your iPad and restore the data from the existing iCloud backup. For this, you will log-in to your iCloud account and go to the saved backup. Wait for the restoration process to complete.

Note: Make sure you have a stable internet connection as your iPad restores.

Restore iPad with iTunes Using Third-Part Transfer App

You can use a third-party transfer app or phone manager to restore an iPad without iTunes. Such apps are very handy for different purposes. They allow you to manage and transfer data between both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, with the help of these desktop applications, you can back up and restore devices, including the iPad.

Try using AnyTrans, an all-in-one Apple device manager for all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. It allows you to organize, manage, transfer, backup, and restore iOS data in the easiest and most efficient way. Just download AnyTrans and run it on the computer, choose the Backup Manager on the left panel and click on the Restore Backup. Follow its instructions to move contacts from Samsung to iPhone.

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Free Download

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Restore iPad with AnyTrans

Restore iPad with AnyTrans


It is pretty common for iPads to stop working. When such issues arise, sooner or later, you will see a Restore screen on your iPad. This article contains a step-by-step solution on how to restore iPad without iTunes, as well as with iTunes. If you want to restore an iPad without iTunes, you can do so with iCloud or a third-party transfer application. Just make sure you always have a backup of your iPad on iCloud to prevent the loss of data like images, music, videos, documents, etc.

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