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How to use AnyDrive

Welcome to AnyDrive Online Guide. Here you can find all detailed tutorials about how to manage cloud contents, transfer contents between cloud & computer or share contents with others. If you still have questions after reading this guide, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team, and you will receive reply in 24 hours.

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Add Box

These days, more and more people prefer to store files in Box service for convenience and storage issue. With Box, you can access, edit, and share any files at anytime or anywhere. Now, AnyDrive can help you manage contents saved in Box better, including uploading data to Box once you complete authorization. Please refer to the detailed guide to make good use of AnyDrive.

Step 1: Preparations.

Do as following:

  • Launch AnyDrive on your computer
  • Sign in your account

Once you launch AnyDrive successfully, the interface below will display. Please enter your account name and password to sign in.



If you don’t have an account, please kindly refer to the detailed instruction to create a new free account.

Once you sign in successfully, you will see the main interface.


The Main Interface of AnyDrive

Step 2: Authorization.

Do as following:

  • Click button
  • Choose Box option
  • Get authorization to access Box contents

Once you click button of Box, the interface below will pop out. To let AnyDrive access and manage your Box contents, you need to get authorization at first. Thus, please click button.



After that, the interface below will display in your default browser. Enter your Box account name and password, and then please click Authorize button. Meanwhile, please keep the internet connection alive during the authorization process.


Get authorization from Box

Step 3: Add.

Do as following:

  • Click button after completing authorization
  • Manage your Box contents

Once completing the authorization process, the Box icon will appear on the left area. If AnyDrive does not load your Box contents correctly, please refresh the interface by clicking button. By clicking button, you can create a new folder.



If you want to upload data from computer to Box, please click button. By clicking button, you can get the detailed info about Box content. Or you can also click button to change the file arrangement based on your needs.



The following characters cannot be a folder name: “/” and “\”.